I Shouldn’t Have Married My Husband…

I’ve been busy over at BLUNTmoms.  My most recent post called, I Shouldn’t Have Married My Husband.  

Doesn’t that sound awful?

Trust me. It’s worth the read.

Before I run, not literally like around a block or something, I just mean run to the fridge, I have had some people say nice things about me. Thanks to Kim at Two Bugs and a Blog, for naming me one to the Top 5 Bloggers she loves.

People are so nice.

I should be nicer.

Or at least return their phone calls.

Or write thank you cards.

Or return their casserole dishes.

6 thoughts on “I Shouldn’t Have Married My Husband…

  1. I think the casserole dish return would earn you more points – that really pisses me off to find my favorite one just, well, GONE. POOF! It’s at the neighbors. POOF! My mom has it. POOF! It’s hiding in the back of the fridge snickering while I rant and rave and curse about nasty people who don’t give back my stuff…
    On second thought, maybe a nice thank you for returning my casserole dish card?

  2. Keep the casserole dishes – people should be smart enough to bring their food in disposable containers so they don’t need to be washed!!

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