Book Review: Heather McDonald’s "My Inappropriate Life"…

If you follow me on twitter you know that I think when celebrities tweet they are actually talking directly to me and only me.

It’s a sad little chain of events.

When a celebrity does tweet me back, I not only pat myself on the back, but I also brag about it constantly by retweeting it about 4 thousand times.

But, I like to think that comedian Heather McDonald and I share a little something.

Okay, I know this is going to be terribly difficult to read.  As my friend Mommy #3 says, “Twitter gives me a headache.”

But, I just had to post this so it looks like I actually have a friendship with Heather and that she wears the “Best Friend Forever Necklace” I sent her.

HEATHER McDONALD @HeatherMcDonald replied to you:

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@HeatherMcDonald I asked for your book for my Birthday. Hopefully my husband doesn’t F$%^ this up.
@Mommyisweird I’m following you girl
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Ha ha, Girls got to feed her family! RT @HeatherMcDonald @Mommyisweird me too

HEATHER McDONALD @HeatherMcDonald 

love it “@mommyisweird@heathermcdonald This post is all about you, girl! Well, not all, but some.…

And in all honesty and not to sound like a complete creeper, I like Heather. She is pretty cool. And I adore her on Chelsea Lately and After Lately. When her second book came out, I sort of badgered her a few times for a copy to review. And like the absolute doll she is, she not only sent me a signed copy, but she actually addressed the envelope herself. I think it cost The E Network about $15 to ship.

I read her last book, “You’ll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again” and did a review. And I liked that book a ton. But, “My Inappropriate Life”, is just a whole lot better. I think its because I couldn’t relate to her first book. But, I really can in this one. Maybe its because Heather uses such self deprecating humour that you want to hug her and cover your eyes in embarrassment.

Her stories about snotty Mom’s at her kids Catholic School are da bomb. Yes, I just said da bomb. But, excuse me, I am feeling very young and hip at the moment.

There is a fantastic story about an over the hill Play Boy Bunny who like to use old men to be her “Daddy” and a hilarious story of Heather thinking her son may be transgender.

Go read the book and then go stalk celebrities on twitter.

It’s da bomb.