I Just Want To Pee Alone…

I have come to the sad realization that even when I am an adult, I can still suffer from being left out. Mostly, I blame Facebook.  If Facebook did not let me see that all my friends were invited to the same party and I wasn’t, well I wouldn’t have known and I wouldn’t of cared.

Do you follow?

The thing is, once I see that I was not invited, then suddenly I am in Grade 6 again.  And everyone is going to Dee’s birthday but me.  And it doesn’t feel good.

FYI:  Dee is a real person and my best friend from when I was in my 20’s and she is going to hate that I used her name, but I don’t care because, really, that was a jerky move, Dee!

Any ways…

For the record, in this blog, I am not “fishing” for any “You Go Girl!” comments.  Keep reading, by the end of this post you will realize that I come around.

So here goes.

There is a group of Kick Ass Mom Bloggers who wrote a book.

Now, I have not read it, yet. But, I will and I know its going to be bloody amazing. I know that because I follow their blogs and some of them follow mine.  And they are awesome people and amazing writers and I highly suggest you check some of them out.  Like, Funny is FamilyBaby SideburnsMomaical and People I Want to Punch in the Throat.  Seriously, buy the book.  Plus, I love the name and can totally relate!

Want to know what my problem is/was?As if its not obvious.

I wanted to be part of that book.  I wanted to be part of that group. I wanted to be claimed as a Kick Ass Blogger.  I didn’t understand. I also have an elephant sized ego so I was shocked to not be included.  But mostly, I was jealous. I was really, really, really jealous that I was not asked to be in it. Damn it, I want to be part of these funny Mom bloggers!  Because apparently, if I read it online, then I must be part of it.  Kind of like how I think I am writer on  Chelsea Lately because some of them talk to me on twitter.

Just a little bit pathetic.

I know.

Get over yourself, girl.

Amazing things are happening for me. You see, I am in this book…

And this book….

And I am not exactly sure, but I think I might also be in this book….

And I also am part of the most amazing group of bloggers called, BLUNTmoms.  They have claimed me. And I am thankful. We are totally filthy, funny and brave. So brave that most of us don’t use our real names when we write for them.  I gotta say, it’s nice to have a tribe. A group of women that you have never met, but you know that no matter what those ladies have got your back.  I take it back, the internet is a wonderful thing. It’s a big beautiful place with room for all of us.