Four Hot Bloggers…

Okay. I didn’t make the list for 2013 Top Funny Mom’s.  Weird right? Because we totally killed it last year.  Stupid dumb voting contests. I mean, really. We all know how great I am. Do we really have to vote daily to remind the rest of the world?!

Any who…

I don’t really care.

You know why?

Because people have been really super duper nice to me lately.

Like The Girl Next Door Drinks and Swears.  I fell in love with “M” the moment I found her blog. Um, best blog name ever,  I think I found it while googling a photo of myself.  “M” has been incredibly kind and wrote about me on her blog.  She’s also super paranoid, which makes me love her even more.  We are working on becoming the most famous people on the planet. Look for our book, it’s going to be huge.

You know who else was nice to me lately, Brooke.  We coined the term BBFF (Best Blogging Friend Forever)  when we met for the first time at a Blogging Conference in Toronto called Blissdom Canada  We are very mature that way.  And we are going to be super duper mature in a few weeks when we head to Blog West together in Edmonton. And Brooke is like a professional tweeter. I mean it. Super jealous.

Also, there is Julie.  She sent me some love on Valentines Day.  Julie is probably one of the most annoyingly driven people I have ever met.  Plus, I quote her as often as I can, because when we met for the first time,  she gave me my most favourite compliment of all time.  She said, “You are not as rough as I thought you were going to be.”  If you know me or read Mommy’s Weird, you know that this statement makes my damn life. I am also going to be getting my Julie fix at Blog West.  I can hardly wait, because Julie brings out good things in me, but she is super annoying in doing so.

And then there is Stephanie. She recently was chosen to blog the Grammy’s with ET Canada. You can read about it here.  Steph is one of those girls you really want to hate, but you can’t because she is so awesome.  She recently gave me a wonderful opportunity to guest post on her incredibly successful blog, How to Survive Life in The Suburbs.  Steph also gave me some of the most amazing advice when we met in real life. And, its a secret, but it was blog/life changing for me.

And that’s that for now. Of course there are lots of wonderful people that are good to me and I shower them with hugs and kisses all the time.

So get over it.