How To Do It…

There has been some talk in our home about having a third baby.

Basically, it’s a thought.

I feel like I would really like another child. There is just this really odd feeling inside me, probably my uterus, that feels like our family isn’t quite finished.

I’ve been trying to convince our friends to have another one too. They are pretty quick to tell us “to go to hell”. That’s disappointing to me. I don’t want to suffer alone. I want them to share in our pain.

I do need to be careful of what I say around Whirlwind. She’s so smart.

And by so smart, I mean way smarter than your kid.

Like, waaaaaaay smarter.

The other afternoon, while Baby Bot was sleeping, the three of us cuddled up in our bed and she started asking us how babies were made.  It’s been over a year since she asked us this or how babies were born.

We told her that babies were made with lots of love between a Mommy and a Daddy.

“Okay….” she said. “Then do it. DO IT NOW.”

I was totally startled.

Zed laughed nervously, ” Um, we can’t do it with you here.”

She jumped up off the bed, started out of the bedroom was pulling the door closed when
she looked over her shoulder and said, “There, do it now.”

Um, listen here kid. You can command me to get you a juice box or to put a movie on for you.. But, you cannot command me to get jiggy with it.

And with that, I present Will Smith…