Julie Nowell…

I’d like to introduce you to Julie.  I “met” Julie on facebook in a group for Blissdom Canada Conference Newbies. Instantly I threatened to pee on her. It’s true. There is just something about her that makes you want to pee on her. And by random fluke she was the very first person that I met at Blissdom while we waited for her to get her make over on The Marilyn Dennis show.  Julie is also responsible for the most interesting compliment I have ever received. She told me that I wasn’t as “rough’ in real life, as she thought I would be.  I think that means, I write like a trucker.  I had to checkmate her compliment and tell her that she wasn’t quite as “polished” as I thought she would be.  Bingo, Bango, Bungo, Friends.  

Meet Julie…

When Kyla asked me to guest post I was, of course, flattered.
And then she threw the deadline at me and the “fun factor” started to diminish.

And, as I contemplated what to write, I realised, with a sinking sense of dread that the expectations are much higher than I had originally assumed.
I mean, Kyla is funny.

Me, not so much.
Every now and then something in some post might give you a little giggle, but I am not pee your pants, hold your jiggling belly kind of funny.

So, in recognition of all the non funny writers out there, I give you this post. And please don’t laugh, even if you think it is funny.
It’s not.

And if you want to find out more about me, all the juicy details, visit me at www.julienowell.com

Nasty 4 Letter Word

As a busy mom, business owner and generally normal human, I battle with confidence and value as much as the next gal.

I am “just” a stay at home mom.  I am “just” a blogger.  I am “just” a new website.


Meant to lower people’s expectations of me.

Meant to give me buffer room to excuse my failures.

And used regularly to fish for approval and beg for a shot of confidence to bolster my self esteem.


A dirty little four letter word that we all use far too often, either because we are embarrassed by what our current status in life is, or we truly feel that we just aren’t enough.

I have decided that I am not longer “just” a blogger.
I am a writer, an independent writer who publishes daily. I am enough just at that. I am also a mom and a wife and fully and inescapably me.
As me, I am enough.
I am not measured by my success compared to others, I am enough by my own standards. Yes, enough!

So the next time you “just” whipped up dinner or “just” went for a little run, or call yourself “just” a little anything…drop it, and own what you have accomplished.

Because yes, you too are just the right amount of enough.

Julie is a speaker, writer, avid exerciser and generally happy person.  A mom of 3 who has sweat her way through the fitness industry and eventually found her calling in supporting moms in all stages, she loves to inspire, create and help others find their true passion. She isn’t always on her best behaviour….but that is sometimes part of her appeal.  As a serial entrepreneur, she is continually looking for new and exciting ways to engage and inspire moms in finding their best balance of business and babies.

Julie left her big city life of hustle and bustle to a simpler life on Salt Spring Island. She writes about it here.