Boys Can Marry Boys and Boys Can Marry Girls and Girls Can Marry Girls…

Remember when Whirlwind wanted to marry her brother?

Well, she is not over that. She is still very determined.

“But, not now Mommy, ” she said.  “When he is bigger like Daddy.”

And because I didn’t want her to have a complete and utter meltdown like last time, I just said, “okay”.

I mean, really, who cares. By the time she is twelve she is going to hate him any ways. My as well enjoy this while it lasts.

Whirlwind knows that boys can marry boys and boys can marry girls and girls can marry girls.  She loves the idea of two boys getting married. She finds this just wonderful.  She just laughs and laughs when she talks about it.

The reason she finds this so funny is that she thinks that the boys have to wear dresses. And she loves that so much she cannot help but giggle.

If only we could all share in her joy.

Recently she told me she also wanted to marry her friend Mike.

And because I am a complete and total idiot, I decided that this would be a good opportunity to teach her a bit about love and relationships.

You see, Whirlwind and Mike have been friends since birth. Since they know each other so well, they know exactly how to push each others buttons.  It’s actually phenomenal to witness. Unfortunately they do have a tendency to not be very nice to each other.

So, again, because I am an idiot, I said to her….

“Wait a minute.You need to think about this. When you get married, you want to choose someone that you really like to spend a lot of time with and who likes the same things as you.  Someone you want to sleep over in your room and someone who is really nice to you.”

“Oh.” Whirlwind said. And then she paused.

Like, really, really paused.

“Then I want to marry my friend,  Lisa.”

Sure, honey. Whatever you want.

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