Book Reviews: Half Blood Blues and Most Talkative

I’ve been waiting far too long to read this book….

It was the Scotia Bank Giller Prize Winner last year and I always like to read Canadian authors.  But the only real mention of Canada in this book is the odd talk about Montreal.

It’s about a group of jazz musicians in Paris and Berlin during the war in the 1940’s.  Music, history, friendship, love.  Perfect book for me.  The book is narrated by Sid and I quickly decided that he wasn’t the right person to narrate the book. I would have preferred Sid’s view. Mainly because Sid is an ass. And I love asses.

I ended up getting a bit confused at the end. I had to do a flip back and search and I also hada “Wait, I never read that, what the hell is he talking about!?”. I am super glad my Book Group is meeting tonight so that one of those smarter girls can explain it to me.

I think you should read it, too. Then explain the last little bit to me, okay? Thanks.

For the record, Book Group is “halfsies” on this book. Half hated it. Half liked it.

I also read this….

I actually had no idea who Andy Cohen was. But, my Pop Culture Girlfriend J, knew I would love it. And she was right!

Actually, I am still not really sure who Andy Cohen is, but he seems to be living the life that God meant for me to live. So, I should really hate him for not only stealing my pre determined destiny, but he also stole my lazy eye.


He’s a Pop Culture kid, who is now Bravo’s Vice President of Development and Talent.  You know, the genius behind The Real Housewives! He also has a great show called, “Watch What Happens Live.”

Here’s a clip….

Damn I love 90210. I think I am going to do a full on 90210 post next week. Let’s sing the theme song together… “Ne ne ne ne, Ne ne ne ne, Ne ne ne ne, Ne ne ne ne.”