Here is a Facebook conversation I had recently….

J : Totally last minute but do you want to go for sushi tonight? My friend/coworker bailed on me and I still want to go out.

Me:  Ugh. I would love to. But Zed is away. See you soon. (She was stopping by to drop off some books.)

J: No worries it was short notice 🙂:) I think I’ll order take out & watch TV….that way I can eat sushi in my pjs!

Me:  Or Or Or.. come eat with us? Chicken Breasts and frozen peas. And food stuck to your feet!

J: This is awkward but I’m going to be a giant DINK (Double Income No Kids) and pass on food being stuck to my feet…I’ll take a rain cheque though. Plus, I’m bringing work home so I’ll be eating rolls in my pjs.

End of message.

First, I want to say that I did not find this awkward at all.

And secondly,  I wasn’t angry or insulted or any sort of feeling in that genre.

I was jelous.  Like kick her in the face kind of jelous.

p.s Zed and I have a babysitter tonight and are going out for sushi with J.  But, not in our pajama’s. And not with food stuck on our feet.  Oh who am I kidding. We will probably have food stuck on our feet before we even get to the restaurant.