Recently our family was invited to a friends for supper and a hot tub.  Whirlwind and this friend have a very special relationship. But there was that 0.01% time that I did not. You can read about it here.

Any who…

Whirlwind and I headed into the in to the bathroom to change into our swim suits.

And Whirlwind asked,  “Are my breasts going to grow, Mommy?”

“Yup. Once you get bigger.”  I replied.

“Just like yours,” she said matter of factly. ” Yours grew and grew until they got long.”


Thanks kid.

I was going for voluptuous, not l-o-n-g.

Remind me to wear three bras next time I go for a run.

9 thoughts on “L-O-N-G…….

  1. Long is a NICE way of saying saggy, right? Hahaha.
    Love your girl’s observational skills.

    My friend’s son saw her vaj a few weeks ago and asked her why it was so “dirty”. Guess that’s a nice way of saying hairy? AHEM.

  2. Hey, at least L-O-N-G means you have some. Take them…I mean…that, and run with it!
    Hey, I tried voting for you, but no matter what I clicked, it wouldn’t allow me? Is voting closing? Did I miss out on pushing you to the finish line? Crapola!

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