This Is Why I Am Tired….

Whirlwind recently turned four.  On the day of her birthday A good friend of mine took her for a few hours. They went out for burgers, did crafts, went swimming and of course there were presents.

Whirlwind was given a little case with hair clips, lip gloss and nail polish in it. 
She was in four year old heaven.
So much so, that the next morning, I was awoken by Whirlwind wondering if she could, “put on some lipstick on my lips and some nail polish on my fingers.”
It was 4:48 a.m.
Sweet Jesus.
Have I gotten my good friend back?
Not yet.  But, I will.  
Hey good friend…. be afraid.  
Be very afraid.  
You never know when I am going to show up at your house at 4:48 a.m. 
Can’t wait to introduce you to Karma.