Trying To Have A Baby…

The other day I was having a conversation with my Mom about, “trying to have a baby.”

She said she always thought it was really funny that now a days, people talk about “trying to have a baby” or they make a big announcement about “trying to have a baby.”
For her, people never talked this way.  You just “had a baby”.  You didn’t talk about “trying”.
And she makes a good point.
Why do we announce to the world that we are having sex in hopes of making a baby?
I’m not sure why I did that.
But, I sure do remember “trying”!
You know those days when you wanted to be pregnant so badly, you would do anything to get pregnant.
The “creative” kind of sex.
The “public” kind of sex.
The “send your visiting parents to the grocery store for no reason at all” kind of sex.
The “legs up and rest on a pillow for 2 hours so the sperm can travel to your ovaries” kind of sex.
For those who have had difficulties getting pregnant, my heart goes out to you.  In no means am I trying to compare my journey to yours.

It took us longer than I had expected to get pregnant.  It ended up being very stressful.  It was probably stressful for me, because I had announced that we were “trying to have a baby.”

I wish I hadn’t had done that.
But, after months and months and months of trying, we went on glorious and relaxing vacation to Cuba. Fourty one weeks later I gave birth to a little Mojito.
On our next pregnancy with, Baby Bot, we got pregnant on the first, “try”.
Great for me.
Not so great for Zed.
DISCLAIMER:  This blog post in no way reflects on our current sex life.  And yes, Zed made me write that.