My First Bra…

I remember getting my first bra.

I don’t remember if I was in Grade 5 or 6.
I do remember that I was pissed about the whole thing.
Let me take you back a bit….
My sister is thirteen years older than me. And my Mom had my sister when she was 19, so they pretty much raised each other. In fact, to this day, I often wonder if my sister is actually my Mom.
They both deny this.
Any who….
So my sister was home from University.  I can only imagine the phone conversation that she and my Mom had before she arrived. They must have been giddy as hell. You see I grew up in the “smallest town in the entire world”. So my Mom would have had to order from Sears or sent my sister to K-Mart in the city.
This entire “first bra cohort” would have had to have been planned days in advance.
I cannot even imagine the phone conversations those two idiots must have had.
When I walked upstairs to my room. There was a box on my bed.  The woman on the box had beautiful flowing shiny brown hair and she was wearing a bra.
Oh My God.
Those assholes bought me a bra.
I never said a thing. I just grabbed it and threw it into the hallway.
When I returned to my room after supper the box was back on my bed.
I never said a thing. I just grabbed it and threw it into the hallway.
When I got out of the tub, the box was on my bed.
I never said a thing. I just grabbed it and threw it into the hallway.
I started to cry.
I don’t know what I expected.
The bra was beige. It was soft. And it did up in the front. I will never forget it. I have been trolling the internet for days looking for it. The image of that woman with the beautiful flowing shiny brown hair, will forever be burned into my mind.

Seriously.  Did they use a wind machine to take the picture of the lady on the box. And if so, why are her nipples not erect?

The next morning I put that damn bra on.  It took me a long time. I had never tried on a bra before. I had never really wanted to.

Once I had the bra on, I was on a mission to find the heaviest sweatshirt I could find so that no one would be able to know I was wearing a bra to school. I remember the sweatshirt I wore, it had a collar and it was white with mint green patches and made of terry cloth.Like a damn towel.

I walked passed my Mom and My sister and I never said a thing.Imagine how excited they must have been?  They probably hugged when I left the house and started planning on buying me Always Teen Maxi Pads.

It was hot as hell outside. I was sweating. I was nervous. I was uncomfortable. I was itchy as hell.
My heavy sweatshirt trick didn’t work.
By ten o’clock that morning, my bra had been snapped by three boys.
It would have been snapped by more boys, but I grew up in “the smallest town in the world” and there were only three boys in the class ahead of mine. And no boys in my grade.  But, I was definitely the entertainment for the day.
What’s your first bra story?

6 thoughts on “My First Bra…

    1. My first bra was pale blue . I didn’t get to pick it either . We wore white blouses to school , so everyone knew I had a blue bra on. I think it was grade 6 .

  1. First bra? I has to beg for it because really, I didn’t need one until I went to university and booze became a major food group for me. 28AAA perhaps? I do remember going into the one women’s store in town that sold pretty bras, taking a selection into the change room, and trying them on. Even at 12 I knew that I was destined for red bras! Pretty bras! Then there were the years of wearing the wrong size bra and fighting the fact that they shifted whenever I moved. I was in my 40s before I finally found bras that both fit me well and were pretty.

  2. My mum had put me in crop-tops at the start of secondary school and thats all I had until just before I was 15.
    Been to get a new dress for a special event with mum and she said that she wanted to have quick look in the bra shop for herself as they had a 1 day special on. As we walked in the shop she asked if I would like to get something to go with the dress, I said yes, expecting another crop top and she took me over to the teen bra stand with proper cup bras. I was blown away, nervous, embarrassed but I had been wanting one.
    Got measured properly and was 32C, the lady was surprised.
    Picked out a pretty one for the dress and mum got me a 2 white ones for school (regulation uniform) as they were half price that day.
    Walked out the shop wearing one of the white ones and feeling pretty pleased.

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