You’re So Vain…..

After a few too many glasses of wine I told my girlfriends about something I had been pondering.

Okay. I am lying already.

Let me start again.

After 3 plates of cheese and one glass of wine, I told my girlfriends about something I had been pondering. And I am not sure why I even told this group of Mom’s. Maybe because they are so damn nice and Hot, I ASS’umed that they would be on board with my comment.

They were not.

Here is what I said…

“I’m thinking about getting Botox.”

There was a collective silence.  Then an awkward gasp. And not one of them was on board.

My favourite comment was from Hot Mommy #2, who is also a Hot Bikini Mom, she said, “They put TOX in the word for a reason.”

I argued with a few half assed excuses….

…..That I put lots of toxic things in my body

…..That people use it for headaches so it can’t be THAT bad.

Overall. I am not going to go get Botox. I’m not even sure why I said it out loud. ┬áMaybe I wanted one of them to say that they had it done. I don’t know. Maybe I was looking for a good story for my blog. So. Honestly, no Botox for me.


And this is a HUGE BUT.

If, by any chance an advertiser at my station wanted me to get Botox and then talk about it on air. You better fucking believe I would be getting some TOX in my system.

And listen to Carly Simon while doing it.