September Sucks

I think September sucks.

Every activity and school event comes in so damn hot that you don’t even have a minute to protect yourself from the burn that is inevitably about to scald you.

My daytimer is so full I can’t even understand what it says anymore. No really. I have no clue. I guess  I don’t even WANT to know what it says anymore. I’ve given up.  I have reached a point where I have started to circle things that I have already written in bold and highlighted.It looks like I’m planning a war.

Swimming lessons. Dance classes. Piano lessons. PAC meeting. Parenting Workshop. School Fundraiser. Is she going to take Girl Guides or not? Birthday parties. Hot Lunch is due. Husband’s poker night. My pilates class. Dentist appointments. Work meetings. Winterize trailer. Clean the gutters. Meet the girls for lunch. Sleepover. Van needs the oil changed. Oh shit, my kid’s birthday is coming up. What do you mean Halloween costumes are already in the store. Extra baseball? Evening work meeting. Terry Fox Run. Shit, I booked a massage appointment. Harry Potter Lego thing at the mall. Watching a friend’s kid. Meet the teacher night. Counselling appointment. Work meeting. Walkathon. Paediatrician appointment. Book hotel.

I know, I know. Wasn’t I  just complaining about how much I hate Summer Break?! And I do. I REALLY do. The thing I struggle with in summer is the lack of routine. The thing I struggle with in September is that everyone thinks their meeting, extracurricular activity and event is more important than anything else that month.

I am thankful, though.

Don’t get me wrong.

I am happy that we are able to put our kid’s in these activities. I am happy that we have enough money to do extracurriculars. I am happy to volunteer. I am happy that we have the opportunity to be part of such great things.

But you know what I am most happy about?

Basketball doesn’t start until October.

Maybe I will have my shit together by then.

Probably not. But, I got a month to try.