The Top 10 Things I Love About My Fanny Pack

I have missed the Fanny Pack so much. I am so excited to share The Top 10 Things I Love About My Fanny Pack!

Fuck purses. I mean it, fuck ’em.

As far as I am concerned, the fanny pack is the new dress with pockets.

I mean look at my eyes. I look crazy, obviously, I am obsessed with my Fanny Pack. Also, my poor dog. If looks could kill, gahhhhh.


The Top 10 Things I Love About My Fanny Pack

  1. It’s lightweight to wear. I’m not begging my husband for a shoulder massage after shopping.
  2. I look cool. (See photo above)
  3. It’s easy to find things. I don’t have to dig around old tums, bandaids, suckers and loose tampons to find my keys.
  4. It’s perfect for the beach, festivals, amusement parks and beer gardens. Hint, hint. There is a secret pocket.
  5. I can’t lose it. Um, it’s tied to my fucking body?! There’s no “OMG. WHERE’S MY PURSE?!”
  6. Perfect for bike riding because your shit does not fall out of your pockets! I use one for cross country skiing in the winter for tissue, sunglasses, gum, bandaids and my headlamp.
  7. I save time by packing just the necessities which are my keys, my phone with debit card and id, my lip gloss and depending on the time of the month, 2 tampons.
  8. My kids can’t bug me to carry their stuff, because hello, I’m only wearing a Fanny Pack. Where your own damn Fanny Pack (see photos below)
  9. They can be worn on your front fanny, your back fanny, your side fanny or over your shoulder. HELLO VERSATILITY AT ITS FINEST!
  10. They are affordable. $20!

My daughter is OBSESSED. She takes her Tropi-Cool Fanny Factory Fanny Pack with her every damn where. She’s super into biking so she keeps a watch, money, lip balm and a list of emergency phone numbers in her Fanny Pack.

My son uses his mostly around the house. He is usually the kid that likes to carry extra lego pieces, a magic wand, rocks etc with him at all times. For now, he is using his basically as a carrier for nerf bullets.

The kid always has ammo ready to go.

Lucky us.  I just got hit in the head while writing this.

I got my husband a black one, but he hasn’t used it yet. I think he is just waiting for me to forget about it. I mean, he wears cargo shorts like it’s his damn job, so he doesn’t really need a Fanny Pack.


Mommy’s Weird has gifted this product from Fanny Factory in exchange for sharing my views about this product.  I would also like to add that I was too fat for my Fanny Pack and told Mike at Fanny Factory and quickly sent me an extender for my pack. If you are larger then a size 18 you might want to ask for one.