First Jobs/ Chrome Classic Drink Master Review…

My first jobs were food jobs. I mean basically, the only job a 15 year old girl in my town could get was washing dishes at the Miniota Motor Inn  Sunday Smorg. After a few months of that, you could become a waitress.

That was a big deal. Some nights I would get $3 in tips.

I used to love when people ordered milkshakes.

Not because they were fun to make, but because I always made too much on purpose so I could sneak some into a coffee cup.

So, when Hamilton Beach asked me to try out their Chrome Classic Drink Master, I was pretty stoked.

I love milkshakes, not only did I love making them at the Miniota Motor Inn also known as, The Hotel. I used to love making them when I worked at the Dairy Bar. I would spend my days dipping onion rings into my extra pump of vanilla milkshake with skor bits on top while reading Rolling Stone Magazine  ALLLLLLLL the damn day long. The owners had to of lost money when I was working.

Turns out my son is super creative with his milkshake combinations too!



My thoughts:

-It’s 28 ounces so it makes two HUGE servings for my kids.

-It’s not super loud, but not quiet either. Does that make sense?

-It actually did a damn good job mixing the peanut butter in, because it is not a blender. It did pretty darn good at blending the PB in the shake.

-The spindle comes out to clean. I don’t remember this with the ones from the Hotel and Dairy Bar. We used to fill the stainless cup with hot water and turned the machine back on in order to clean the spindle.

-It is small so doesn’t take up valuable cupboard space.

-It’s retro as hell and I love it so much.

Mommy’s Weird was gifted this product from Hamilton Beach in exchange for sharing my views about this product. I’m excited to be trying a few more products from them this summer.