Hoover Impulse Cordless Vacuum Review…

I was so excited to give the Hoover Impulse Cordless Vacuum a try. I have NEVER used a cordless vacuum before. We have a small hand vac which comes in handy all the time. But, I wanted something with a bit more power that I could use standing up. Plus, not only am I doing a Hoover Impulse Cordless Vaccum review, but I am also giving one away.

SQUEEEEEEEEE! But first, watch what the Hoover Impulse Cordless Vacuum can do….


I’m pretty much in love with it, even though I am not sure where I am going to store it. Right now it is charging in my mudroom, but it also comes with a wall mount, so I think I am going to put it in the closet. The only thing that I found a small problem with was the trigger when I would squeeze too hard. If you get overzealous, as I did, you may end up turning it off after using the double tap trigger for continuous cleaning power.

What I love?

-It is totally grab and go, as long as you have it charged, you are good to go.

-It has modes to go from carpet to hard floor and works like a charm on both.

-The dirt cup is at the handle, so it is super easy to open, dump and clean.

-You can actually remove part of it to have a handheld vac too! I used it for the corners in the kitchen that I can never seem to get with my broom.

-It’s pretty much exactly what I have wanted forever, no joke. I like things that are easy. The Hoover Impulse does that for me. I honestly have no idea how I lived without this. This is life-changing for a person like me who really is not interested or good at keeping a clean house.


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I am so excited to give one of these life changing products away. The Hoover Impulse Cordless Vacuum is valued at $299.99. Canadian entries only and contest ends on December 4, 2018. GOOD LUCK!

I am a TTi Floor Care ambassador and I receive compensation and various other perks for sharing my experience with you. These are my my opinons.   This all came about after having so much fun talking about housecleaning on Mommy’s Weird Facebook Page. 

169 thoughts on “Hoover Impulse Cordless Vacuum Review…

  1. I actually haven’t tried a cordless vac before. Everyone has had a cord and I spend a lot of time being annoyed by the cord haha

  2. I need this! We only have 1 rug in the house but a ton of floors .And of course we walk around all the time with our shoes on so we are our own worse enemies! We also happen to be the worse cooks ever !Our kitchen floors are always dirty ! And dust? Don’t get me started !

  3. I’ve used a bulky upright cordless vacuum before, as well as the little handheld cordless ones. This one looks like a great in-between version of those, one that I would much prefer!

  4. This looks so awesome. I like that it is so portable! I have an old Kenmore Canister that still takes bags GASP! It pushes dirt more than it sucks it. Not to mention fighting with the damn cord. This little gem would make me actually want to clean! Thanks so much for the chance. This would make my Holidays. I would have a burning party of the Kenmore LOL!

  5. My sister in law has a cordless vacuum. I was impressed with how easy it was to get under furniture and the vacuum had lots of power.

  6. My son does the vacuuming and this would help him sooooo much. He’s 10, and is constantly running over the cord of our vacuum.
    This would be amazing!
    PS. Your giggle in the video is adorbs!!

  7. I used to have a cheapo cordless stick vac and I loved it until it died. Now I sadly drag around my big vac, crashing into corners and getting stuck behind baby gates. I need a Hoover!

  8. I have a cordless Dyson, which is always breaking down. I also have a Hoover canister pet vacuum. Should have stuck with Hoover! Always had luck with that brand!

  9. I did try one at my mother’s house – she purchased a cordless as she thought it would be easier to work with as she would not have to lug her big one up the stairs and now I think it is the only one she uses.

  10. I’m in my 40’s also and can totally see this being life changing! I shed hair like crazy when I dry & style it and it’s such a pain to drag up the central vac hose from downstairs just to keep on top of vacuuming up in the bathroom. This would be amazing!

    1. Forgot to add that I have not owned a cordless vacuum before. I was too worried it would suck… and not in a good way. 😉

  11. I have not tried Hoover cordless vacuum yet, it sure sounds awesome. Can’t imagine not having to re-plug every few minutes as well as vacuuming stairs must be much easier. Thank you so much for the chance

  12. I have never tried a cordless vacuum, but would definitely like to. Right now I have a central vacuum with a 30 foot hose that can really get in the way, especially when vacuuming a small room. A cordless vacuum like the Hoover Impulse would make vacuuming so much easier, and I think because there’s no set up, I would vacuum more casually when I have five free minutes or so.

  13. No I have not tried a cordless vacuum before. I need to replace my 15+ Kenmore upright soon. My dad fixed it a few months ago but said if it dies again he won’t be able to fix it.

  14. Yes, we used to have one of those little handheld ones, but would totally love one where I didn’t have to bend down to use!

  15. The last cordless vacuum I used was a very inefficient Dustbuster my parents had when I was a teenager. Hopefully the tech has improved since then :0

  16. I have never tried a cordless vacuum before… Could have come in handy today when I had a baby in my carrier and the cord wouldn’t reach the far side of the bed…. So I decided, oh well…. So part of my floor isn’t vacuumed and I’m sure I’m the only one that will notice but it still bugs me anyway.

  17. No I have never tried a cordless vacuum although I have always wanted to. My main concern was how long the battery would last.

  18. I’ve never tried a cordless vacuum but i really want one. I’ve dropped multiple hints to my husband so hopefully I’ll have one under the tree 🙂

  19. I’ve only used little handheld cordless vacuums, years ago. The batteries didn’t hold charges for very long. I’m excited to see the new technology and how far cordless vacuums have come!

  20. My husband keeps threatening to throw out “The Egyptian“…..cause he figures our vacuum is from when the pyramids were built ….lol

  21. I have tried using one yes at my mother in laws house and I was really impressed mostly for the convenience of not having to worry about the cord! Would love one for my home!

  22. I have tried an old school hand vac but not one of the modern cordless vacuums. I’d very much love to win one, it seems like they would make life that much easier.

  23. I have not tried a cordless vacuum before, but it sounds like exactly what I need! It gets so frustrating working with a cord. I am loving this vacuum.. If it only it were mine! 🙂 Happy Holidays to you!

  24. I have not tried a cordless vacuum before, but I did try to buy one before. I have no idea how I misread the description and reviews so hard, but the “cordless” vacuum ordered turned out to be a corded vacuum that we only held onto for a few months before passing along to a friend. Total fail on my part so a cordless vacuum is still on my wishlist.

  25. I have a little dustbuster but this would be great! I am forever tripping on cords, vacuuming over cords, tangling cords. The vacuum has been taken away from me. (not necessarily a bad thing!)

  26. I have not tried a cordless vacuum yet, but I would love to, especially this great quality Hoover Impulse Cordless Vacuum! It would be so wonderful to have because I love that it goes from carpet to hardwood floors…so perfect for my home and needs. I also love that it comes with an attachment to hang it up. That’s so handy. Thanks for the awesome review. I would love it!

  27. Yes, I’ve tried my sister’s cordless vacuum before and I loved it. Very convenient and easy to quickly vacuum every room without having to deal with a cord.

  28. 2 preschoolers and 2 cats – I need this in my life! I hate lugging my huge vacuum out and have pushed crumbs under my couch with my foot on more than one occasion to avoid my current vacuum

  29. I’m excited to try this vacuum! I need a few new ones for the houseIn and for light weight, good suction, with a long enough battery life.

  30. I have not tried a cordless vacuum and I’m slightly ashamed to say I am so excited for a chance to win a new vacuum … our Dyson died (past warranty) and we are currently using a 1980’s style bag … BAG vacuum from Steve’s dad! I need a new vacuum LOL.

  31. Just curious- who won this? I never see results of the draws and I’m always curious if something goes to my junk mail I miss out 🙂

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