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We have a Hoover Air Steerable Vacuum that we use on a regular basis. We love it. I mean it, it is by far the best vacuum that we have ever owned. I wasn’t sure how the Hoover Air Steerable Pet Vacuum would differ from the one we currently have so I was interested in trying it out.

First thing I had to do was get my husband to move the spaceship from our living room and we were ready to go!


Did you catch that?

We don’t have a pet. But, the amount of hair that comes off my head is probably comparable to a Golden Retriever.  It comes with a few accessories that were made for families with pets, even a pet upholstery tool. We both absolutely love the steerable technology that comes with the Hoover Air Steerable Vacuum. For me, one of the biggest selling points is how gross the dirt cup collector is. Sure, it is a sign of someone who should vacuum more, but it is also a sign of a vacuum that does a hell of a good job. If you are looking for a vacuum, I really suggest this one.

Other things that stand out with the Hoover Air Steerable Pet Vacuum:

  • It moves from carpet to our lineoleum to laminate really well.
  • I have never owned a vacuum that picks up this much hair.
  • Allergen Block technology prevents 97% of dust, dander, pollen etc from re-entering the air.
  • Very lightweight at 14 lbs.


I am pretty stoked that I get to give one of these away to one lucky Canadian Mommy’s Weird reader! The Hoover Air Steerable Pet Vacuum is valued at $199.99 and the contest closes on September 4, 2018.

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I am a TTi Floor Care ambassador and I receive compensation and various other perks for sharing my experience with you. These are my opinons and in this case also my husband’s. We truly LOVE the Hoover Air Steerable Vacuum’s. This all came about after having so much fun talking about housecleaning on Mommy’s Weird Facebook Page. 

175 thoughts on “Hoover Air Steerable Pet Vacuum…

  1. Hoovers suck.
    B’hahahahaha get it? I currently have a Dyson, but the head broke ages ago and we vacuum carpet with the hardwood attachment. The company has since stopped making the same kind of carpet attachment. Sigh. Time for a change maybe.

  2. yes i love hoover mine is broke as it is 10 year old and with all the dog hair and mess in this old house it finally died

  3. I have not tried a Hoover yet but am currently looking into pet vacs and it is on my short list. We recently (two weeks ago) got a Golden Retriever puppy and I KNOW my little cordless vac is not going to cut it when this girl gets shedding! Thanks for the chance, my fingers are crossed

  4. I’ve never tried a Hoover but I would LOVE to! I suspect it would do a fantastic job sucking up all of the cereal dust my kids have ground into the carpet over the years! lol

  5. I have used a Hoover and liked it very much. The Hoover Air Steerable Pet Vacuum will get the job done at my house for sure. Thanks for the review.

  6. No, net yet but i do always hear great things about Hoover vacuums.
    I’m thinking my next vacuum will be a Hoover 🙂

  7. I used to have a Hoover years ago before I moved a million times, and it was a great vaccuum! My current vaccuum is no good.. lol

  8. I have tried a hoover upright. It was a little large and awkward. Smaller would have been better so this sounds great.

  9. Yes, although I don’t remember. My grandmother called vacuuming “Hoovering” as in, “Hoover the living room before you leave.”

  10. I’ve never had the chance to try a Hoover! I’ve always had to use old vacuums and at the moment, I don’t even own one. I do all my carpet cleaning on my hands and knees often. Between my two year old’s messes to my cats unbelievable shedding, a Hoover would save my back and my time! Thanks for the chance! ☺️☺️

  11. I’ve never had a Hoover, but I’m starting to feel like our 6 year old Dirt Devil is not cleaning enough. It’s especially ineffective with the hose/ upholstery part.

  12. I shed a ridiculous amount of hair as well. I’ve never tried a Hoover, but I should, because then I can sound like a Brit and just say I’ve hoovered something instead of vacuumed

  13. I like the spaceship in the living room. Except if it was in my Lr then there’d be pillows and blankets and I’d be living in there with a do not disturb sign on it.

  14. I bought a used old Hoover canister vacuum and my sister had a new one. We both were amazed at the amount of dirt and hair it picked up. We both used them for a long time. Her English friends would say they hoovered the floor instead of vacuumed the floor. They used the word Hoover as a verb.

  15. Had an old Hoover canister that my Mum gave me. (not new) And it worked great! My other half thought we we should upgrade to a new vacuum, gave the Hoover away and having been hating the “better” vacuum ever since! would love, love love! a new Hoover!

  16. We used to own a Hoover. Then we bought a Dyson. I hate having to change heads and it is a cumbersome beast to move up and down stairs! I need a move manageable vacuum!!

  17. my sad vacuum is held together with ductape and it doesn’t pick up all the pet hair. winning a new one would be fabulous!

  18. I haven’t owned one no but I used my mother in laws before and I loved how much quieter it is then mine and how much sunction it has too! Ours is close to 10 years old so it’s outdated and heavy too.

  19. The first vacuum I ever tried was a Hoover; growing up my chore (in the 80s) was to vacuum because every single house was carpeted and believe it or not I still LOVE vacuuming 30 years later! We have one black cat and he sheds like mad so I’d love to try the Hoover Air Steerable Pet Vacuum.

  20. I really would love to win a Hoover Air Steerable Vacuum. I have a major brand (which shall remain nameless), it worked great for the first year and a bit but since then has been nothing but disappointing. I’ve been thinking I need to make my way back to Hoover!

  21. This sounds great, I have two large dogs that do shed a lot, and I have never tried a Hoover before, would love too!!

  22. I haven’t used a hoover in many years and this seems much more lightweight than my central vac house that I’ve been lugging around. My upright that I use for small cleanups doesn’t have enough power to such much up. The hose is contestantly plugged from the smallest things.

  23. I have a corgi/german shephard cross that sheds more fur than the size of her tiny fat sausage body. I need to find a vacuum that will contend with her!

  24. Never had a long-hair cat before-can’t believe how much fur is everywhere!!! Need some help before we’re up to our eyeballs because our 20 year old vacuum just can’t keep up.

  25. I’ve never tried a Hoover but we’ve just recently got a cat and I could really use some help sucking up the hair

  26. I have tried a Hoover a while back, and this one sounds even more awesome for my cat-loving household that also has one child with allergies (thankfully not to cats!).

  27. Of course I have tried a Hoover. I have gone through so many vacuum cleaners that I have lost count. Hoover is one of the best ones I have used. I have pets now & could really use a vacuum that takes care of all their mess.

  28. I have never tried a Hoover, and this is just what I need for my 2 furry hairball cats and my dog! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  29. No I haven’t but with 2 dogs and 2 cats I would love to give it a try, always trying to find the perfect vacuum for life with four paws!

  30. I have tried a Hoover vacuum and it is the current brand of our vacuum. I love how I can see how much dirt it is sucking up. It’s amazing how much it pulls up from the carpets!

  31. To be honest I call any carpet cleaner a Hoover and call vacuuming hoovering as Im a former Brit! Yes I did own a Hoover brand back In England and It was great.

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