Family Photo Guilt…

Are you sensing a theme here at Mommy’s Weird? I pretty much constantly talk about feeling guilty in motherhood. I should have named this damn blog Mother’s Guilt. And now, just another thing to feel guilty about. I am talking about Family Photo Guilt.

I’ve always been a bit of an ass when it came to Family Photos. I blame it on a combination of feeling tired and overwhelmed with a mix of lazy and a small dash of cheapness. I have grown to regret not taking professional photos every year with my family. I mean, its super fun to see how the kids have grown but even more, fun to watch my ass spread and my hair turn grey.

Am I right?

So, last year we took family photos.

I had an idea with the photos that I just sort of “sat on” forever. I wanted to do something a bit Andy Warhol with them and have them on canvas prints.  I mean, you can’t see my grey hair this way!

I am sure I could have Andy Warhol’ed them up myself, but as you can tell I am a bit of a procrastinator. I mean, hell, it took me a year to get these done. So I enrolled the help of my friend Heather, who is a great Graphic Designer, to push me along and then I ordered the canvas prints from

And we love them!

I just wanted something a little bit different but also something that would go with some of the retro Canadiana images that we already have hanging in our home.  The plan is to put this one up in our family room.

I also wanted something a bit classic that we could replace our old family photo in our main living area.

How good looking are we?! Family photo guilt, be gone!

I just love them all so much and feel like a decent Mother again who didn’t wait an entire year to get her family photos up on the wall. I love ordering canvas prints because you don’t have to worry about framing a large photo, which causes me even more stress, though has some other really great options.

So, if you are a procrastinator like me, just get it done, I know, easy to say, but it honestly just took me minutes. The hardest part was deciding on a photo, but the prices are so affordable I wouldn’t stress. The other tricky part was deciding on the size, so we measured with a measuring tape on the floor to get a good idea on size. The website was easy to use, they arrived safe with no bumps or holes and with everything we needed to hang the canvas prints.  My kids were happier about the bubble wrap then their canvas prints.



When you order from you can use the code MOMMYSWEIRD to get 10% off all canvas print formats. SQUEEEEE!

Mommy’s Weird was compensated with the product to provide you this honest review.