Ritz Cracker Candy Treats

When I first saw a recipe using Ritz Crackers to make Ritz Cracker candy treats, I thought someone had made a mistake. How could this be?  Too weird. Stick with me though, you are going to love these.

Trust me.

Turns out that this Three Ingredient dainty (Canadian Prairie Word for Squares) is not only weird, it is super easy to make and is also super addictive.

No word of a lie, these are the ingredients that you will need.

Ritz Cracker Candy Treats

1 box of Original Ritz Crackers

1 can of Condensed Milk

1 package of Skor bits

Crush Ritz Crackers and mix with condensed milk and package of Skor Bits/Chips.

Bake 350 for 15 minutes.



I made these while doing Instastories on Instagram and I started getting messages from people who were familiar with the recipe.

Lacey said that they make them every Christmas but don’t bake it and then they add cream cheese icing. Which I cannot even believe, because it is so sweet by itself!

Jami said to “trust the process”.

Loree said that they call them “Saskatchewan Camping Bars”.

And here I thought they were just something odd that Shelley Gardham had put into my small town cookbook!? I guess not.


And just in case you forgot what was in the Ritz Cracker Candy Treats…

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