Things That Make Me Smile…

I tend to dwell on the negative. I hate that about myself. Shit, that was negative wasn’t it. Damn it. Today I am going to focus on the things that recently made me smile

My sister in law sent this photo to a group family text yesterday. It totally cracks me up. Their Golden Retriever Casey is still a puppy and they weren’t watching her for two minutes and she did this….

I love when my friends send me Justin Trudeau photos or memes. They crack me up and make me happier than a bag of bbq chips.  HO

ow can you not smile at this floppy haired bandit?!

I love my nights with my husband. We snuggle on the couch, watch 2 episodes of New Girl and giggle at every line. I love this show, if you are not watching it, you are making a big life mistake.


This is my most favourite photo of all time. I remember the minutes before I snuck up on them and took this photo. No word of a lie, I look at this photo on a monthly basis. It brings me joy like nothing else ever has nor ever will. I cherish these two.



Two friends were on a recent girls trip with their friends that are not my friends.  (Does that make sense?) It brought me joy like no other to follow along on Facebook and watch photos of their trip that I knew nothing about. It was like a little gift.  Their joy is infectious and makes me smile ear to ear.

The last thing that made me happy today was having a friend answer my FaceTime call.  I do this quite a bit. It sort of bugs my friends. I mean, why call when you can FACETIME?! I particularly love when they answer in unusual places and abuse their data plan for me.


What made you smile today?