Oreck Tru Response Air Purifier Review and Give Away

I’ve always been super curious about air purifiers and how they actually work. As far as I know, my family does not have any allergies, but my son seems to ALWAYS have a stuffed nose because his finger is always up it. I was very excited for the opportunity to try out the Oreck Tru Response Air Purifier.

Here is the first day I opened it up…

I have to be honest, I thought this thing was going to be filled with the disgustingness of my home. I know I joke about what a horrible housekeeper I am, but it is not as bad as I make it sound. Yes, I rarely wash my cupboards. But dusting, floor washing, and vacuuming get done on a pretty regular basis.

I guess it depends on your idea of regular. My idea of regular is once every 2 weeks. That’s not often enough for some and frequent for others. But, it works for us.

We’ve been using the Oreck Tru Response Air Purifier for about 3 weeks now and the one thing I have noticed for sure is that it works very well with kitchen smells.  The other thing that I like about the Oreck Tru Response is that you don’t have to replace the filters. This is always a problem for me. I like things to be easy. If things aren’t easy for me then those duties tend to get thrown to the wayside, so a permanent filter is life changing in our house. You just have to rinse it, let it air dry and then put it back in!

I posted about the Oreck Tru Response Air Purifier on my Facebook page and got a really great response from people that have allergies, pets and old house dust. The other thing that was posted was that during the forest fire season in my community, it worked really well. Click on that link. Trust me, the Weirdies at Mommy’s Weird always have the best advice!

You know what I love about it?  It changes colour when there is a large amount of particles in the air. It makes me sad when it turns red, but then I know it is working. These soothes me in odd ways.

Here ‘s some more features:

 DustSenseTM technology: auto mode to monitor and detect the amount of particles in
your air
 Air quality indicator bar: lets you know the amount of particles in your air by changing
 Truman Cell® filtration: works like a magnet to attract and capture dust and allergens
from the air
 Helios Shield® system: combines added TiO2 filtration and UV light to reduce VOCs
and provide advanced odour control
 Filters never need replacing
 Clean filter indicator to remind you when it’s time to clean your filter
 Built-in timer for automatic turn off
 Customizable speed settings
 Night mode with Silence Technology® to dim the lights and set the fan speed to low
for less disruption
 Compact and portable design
 Designed for rooms such as kitchens, dens, home offices and bedrooms
 Suitable for rooms up to 23 sq. m (244 sq. ft.)

If this Oreck Tru Response Air Purifier is something that would work well for you or you family, then don’t forget to enter this giveaway!
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I am a TTi Floor Care ambassador and I receive compensation and various other perks for sharing my experience with you. This all came about after having so much fun talking about housecleaning on Mommy’s Weird Facebook Page.