Oreck Tru Response Air Purifier Review and Give Away

I’ve always been super curious about air purifiers and how they actually work. As far as I know, my family does not have any allergies, but my son seems to ALWAYS have a stuffed nose because his finger is always up it. I was very excited for the opportunity to try out the Oreck Tru Response Air Purifier.

Here is the first day I opened it up…

I have to be honest, I thought this thing was going to be filled with the disgustingness of my home. I know I joke about what a horrible housekeeper I am, but it is not as bad as I make it sound. Yes, I rarely wash my cupboards. But dusting, floor washing, and vacuuming get done on a pretty regular basis.

I guess it depends on your idea of regular. My idea of regular is once every 2 weeks. That’s not often enough for some and frequent for others. But, it works for us.

We’ve been using the Oreck Tru Response Air Purifier for about 3 weeks now and the one thing I have noticed for sure is that it works very well with kitchen smells.  The other thing that I like about the Oreck Tru Response is that you don’t have to replace the filters. This is always a problem for me. I like things to be easy. If things aren’t easy for me then those duties tend to get thrown to the wayside, so a permanent filter is life changing in our house. You just have to rinse it, let it air dry and then put it back in!

I posted about the Oreck Tru Response Air Purifier on my Facebook page and got a really great response from people that have allergies, pets and old house dust. The other thing that was posted was that during the forest fire season in my community, it worked really well. Click on that link. Trust me, the Weirdies at Mommy’s Weird always have the best advice!

You know what I love about it?  It changes colour when there is a large amount of particles in the air. It makes me sad when it turns red, but then I know it is working. These soothes me in odd ways.

Here ‘s some more features:

 DustSenseTM technology: auto mode to monitor and detect the amount of particles in
your air
 Air quality indicator bar: lets you know the amount of particles in your air by changing
 Truman Cell® filtration: works like a magnet to attract and capture dust and allergens
from the air
 Helios Shield® system: combines added TiO2 filtration and UV light to reduce VOCs
and provide advanced odour control
 Filters never need replacing
 Clean filter indicator to remind you when it’s time to clean your filter
 Built-in timer for automatic turn off
 Customizable speed settings
 Night mode with Silence Technology® to dim the lights and set the fan speed to low
for less disruption
 Compact and portable design
 Designed for rooms such as kitchens, dens, home offices and bedrooms
 Suitable for rooms up to 23 sq. m (244 sq. ft.)

If this Oreck Tru Response Air Purifier is something that would work well for you or you family, then don’t forget to enter this giveaway!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am a TTi Floor Care ambassador and I receive compensation and various other perks for sharing my experience with you. This all came about after having so much fun talking about housecleaning on Mommy’s Weird Facebook Page. 

74 thoughts on “Oreck Tru Response Air Purifier Review and Give Away

  1. We all have allergies here especially our lil guy! We live in a basement apartment that gets so damp. I know this would be very much used and helpful here in our home!

  2. I have an air purifier for my bedroom and it has really helped my allergies. I’ve been moving it around our apartment since we’ve moved because of the laundry smells from our downstairs neighbours. I would love to have one to leave in our laundry room so I wouldn’t have to hold my breath any time I go in!

  3. Since having radiation I think I have developed allergies. I am sneezing all the time and my nose is runny. I sure hope this would give me some relief.

  4. lots of allergies and sensitivities here so anything that will help remove allergens in the air would be more than welcome. thanks

  5. We have seasonal and environmental allergies so I’m sure the Oreck would make anoticeable change to my family by reducing the allergens in our air.

  6. This would be good for us, I do have some seasonable allergies and also like that it would help with kitchen smells.

  7. I think it would be handy in purifying the air and help get rid of the mold in my home. This would result in a better overall well-being.

  8. I think the Oreck would assist with the control of the allergies in our house. We really need help getting better air in our home.

  9. This would benefit my family by helping purify our air and by helping us keep an eye on the air quality in our home. We live near a construction zone and I am concerned about all the dust, for one. We also live in a greatly “green” area which is wonderful but also results in more pollen exposure. I have one daughter with allergies, so I am entering this with her in mind in particular – having cleaner air will hopefully help lessen her allergies by reducing the allergens in our home.

  10. This would help with allergies and my house is always dusty,I clean and bam there’s the dust.I think this would really help with that.

  11. Oh my goodness, with 2 dogs and one that sheds like crazy giving everyone sneezing fits & allergies an Oreck air purifier surely would do the trick in eliminating some of these allergens in our home. And with the 2 grandkids coming over it would help them too. Thanks for the chance to win one of these.

  12. If I won this would be given to my mom who has breathing issues & she would benefit with this Oreck air purifier

  13. This would be awesome for my family , a house of boys , a dog and a dusty area , our house could really use something like this !!!

  14. I have two long haired cats, so this would greatly improve the air quality in pur home and make it easier for guests to breathe!

  15. I have really bad seasonal allergies. So much so that we don’t open the windows in our house in the spring and I pretty much live inside. This would be amazing! Maybe I could stop carrying around a giant box of Kleenex all the time!

  16. We have ancient carpets. This would help with keeping th3 dust and pollutants controlled. Thank you for the chance to win

  17. Our house gets so dusty and we don’t have a dehumidifier attached to our furnace. I think this would be a great addition!

  18. I think this would benefit us because we have 3 guinea pigs, 2 hamsters, 2 kids and 2 adults that constantly use the living room / kitchen area and it would be great to manage the smells from everyone and everything.

  19. My son and I have allergies and this would great to help with the sniffles. We live in the country so something is always blooming or pollinating around here. Our house is over 100 years old so i’m pretty sure there’s some stale air in here that could use purifying.

  20. This purifier is nice & small and would be perfect for my sons bedroom as he has allergies in the spring & fall with Pollen in the air.

  21. My family would benefit with an Oreck air purifier because we have developed sinus problems and coughs this year. It is a heavy pollen year and we cannot open windows because the coughs and sinus get worse. We need an air cleaner for the breathing and coughing relief. I like that you don’t have to change the filter.

  22. It would benefit our family as we have allergies, especially my son! With dust and cats we sure could use it!

  23. I feel like there is so much dust in our appartment, and it’s not like because we don’t clean up! We do! I think this would be so much better for my health. I have a very sensitive nose. Cleaner air would make my life better and I probably would sleep better too.

  24. our family is sneezing a lot these days and they might be due to allergies. this purifier will help them have relief and breathe better in the house

  25. This would greatly benefit me and my family. That icky yellow pollen would be stuck to the filter of the Oreck instead of the inside of my nostrils,.

  26. Would love to have this! We live in a small space in an old apt building and really need something to help us filter the dust from the ancient heating and cooling system!

  27. My family lives in a small condo where we are drastically outnumbered by the dust particles- it’s never ending! As each one of us has allergies it’s an on going battle and so far me and my humidifier are losing. An air purifier would finally give me some clean air and a chance to breathe clearly!

  28. Our 5 month old daughter is almost ready to move into the nursery (mommy isn’t though!!!), and we have a purifier in our bedroom that we will move into her room. That means that we won’t have one in ours anymore, and I love having one to keep the dust and cat dander/hair down! It’s amazing!

  29. It would definitely benefit my daughter! She has a hard time with allergies so this would be great for her nursery.

  30. This air purifier would help with my allergies. Really would like the air in my home to be free of pollen, dust, ragweed, and pet dander!

  31. My daughter lives in the basement. Her allergies seem worse so we’re looking into different kinds of purifiers.

  32. It is so dusty here in Calgary which doers not help with our allergies. This slick device sounds like a dream machine. Anything that reduces dust is heaven in my books. Thanks for the chance. I would love to have clean air.

  33. I am an allergy sufferer; I think the Oreck would really help with household allergens to make breathing easier!

  34. My daughter has dust allergies and she sneezes like a fiend, so I would hope that something like this would benefit her situation.

  35. I have thought of air purifiers a lot. My Granddaughter gets the sniffles here at every visit and I wonder if this would alleviate that problem. Due to low income as a senior, I haven’t had the money to try one.

  36. With two cats and closed windows all summer long with the AC going our air is not the freshest smelling and I am sure healthy. This would fix that

  37. I would love one of these for our family room, where our kids play. It’s crazy how dirty & dusty the air gets just from daily life, and I would love to know we’re at least breathing in good air, especially the babies!

  38. I’ve always been curious about air purifiers. Knowing your a tell it like it is kind of lady I’m glad to hear they legit work. My husband gets aweful hay fever so for my sleeps sake and our dwindling Kleenex supplies sake we could use this. Both my boys are also developing some sneezing probably allergies and living in an older home getting rid of the nasty old home smells would be great.

  39. We live almost overlooking a major provincial highway so I battle a constant layer of dust in my home. All that dust in the air makes me worry about what we’re breathing in so an air purifier would literally help us breathe easier.

  40. It would benefit my son. His allergies are terrible this time of year… wakes up everyday sniffling & sneezing, his teachers always think he’s got a cold. It’s very tiresome to give meds when I’d rather have a preventative measure instead like the Oreck tru response.

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