Where Do You Stand In Your Friendships…

Have you ever liked someone more than they like you? I am not talking about junior high crushes, I am talking about friendships. For me now, specifically, it is navigating the world of adult female friendships. It is really hard to know where you stand in your friendships. And it’s not just friendships. It can be family members, teachers, husbands, neighbours¬†etc.

where do you stand in your friendships


Does that make sense? Or am I floating alone out here in the land of overthinking….?

Probably. Welcome to my brain.

But, I have noticed that sometimes I think I am closer to someone than I actually am.

I am fully aware that I have done this to others as well.

I can think of a specific incident in my life where a friend brought me a gift. I lovely gift. I had no idea that they thought of me that way.

It was beautiful. It was also very surprising.

Anywho… lately I feel like I like my friends more than they like me.

Meh. It really doesn’t matter. It doesn’t mean they don’t like me or I don’t like them. It just means we all feel differently, and I don’t really believe in a God, but I thank some sort of higher power for that.

Because if we were all the same?

You’d all be trying to nail my husband.


Enjoy the ramble…..

Where do you stand in your friendships?

Where do you stand in your friendships?

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