Trolls Series On Netflix…

Remember when I used to relish in the fact that my kids loved the same t.v shows? Not the case anymore. It takes them 30 minutes to pick a show now. Drives me batty. But, something weird happened on Friday. On Friday, they both settled very quickly on watching the new Trolls series on Netflix called The Beat Goes On.


There are 6, 24 minutes episodes now available on Netflix and to get the kids super excited about it we did these little crafts that they got for Christmas!


Talk about timing? It’s almost liked I planned this shiz.

But, don’t tell my kids. They think I am Super Mommy at the moment.

Hey, did I just successfully make this about me. Shocking.

So, since we are talking about me, let’s talk about what I am excited about…


Seriously, the PopUp Video of this preview is damn genius. Whoever came up with that idea needs a raise. Stat.



I am also excited for the new version of Queer Eye.


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