When Your Blog Goes Down…

My blog recently went down for a week. And by down I mean it was gone.

Bye Bye Mommy’s Weird.

I was stressed. I called my guy. I called my other guy. I called the other guys. I texted. I emailed. I sat on hold.

Then I waited and I waited and I waited.

And then I pondered.

What if it was gone?

All of it.

I have to be honest. There was a moment of relief. That it might be nice to no longer have to worry about my little place on the internet. That no one really cares about Mommy’s Weird anyways. That this place is stupid. Self serving. Annoying. Energy sucking.

Then it hit me.

Yup, this place is stupid.

It is most definitely annoying.

It does suck my energy.

But, I fucking love it.

Every ridiculous inch of her.

And I missed the bitch like crazy.

Good thing I had a ridiculous snow storm to occupy me.