Onion Soup Dip…

I love living a low pressure life. Onion Soup Dip makes me life simpler. I like that.

I love that when it comes to making magic in the kitchen, no one has any expectations of me.

Brace yourselves, ladies. We are going back to 1987…..


onion soup dip

Onion Soup Dip

1 16 oz tub of Sour Cream (that’s the middle size one)

1 package of powdered onion soup mix


Serve with vegetables.


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8 thoughts on “Onion Soup Dip…

  1. This is the only way I’ve ever known to make onion dip. I have low expectations too, lol. This also works with vegetable soup mix in the box. May take longer for the veggies to soften but still worth the ease.

  2. This is my go-to potluck recipe, served in a hollowed out pumpernickle loaf. It’s delish :0 I use Knorr onion soup mix. Because that classes it up a whole bunch.

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