Stranger Things…

Since Netflix has become part of our lives, their original programming has changed how Zed and I watch t.v. Yes, we binge watch, but there are only a few shows that we binge watch like crackers and goat cheese. They are House of Cards, The OA, Ozark and Stranger Things.

Besides the wicked children’s programming, these 4 shows are reason alone to subscribe to Netflix.

I have always been a scaredy cat. Actually, those deserve capital letters. I am a full on Scaredy Cat. I didn’t think for one second that I would be able to handle Stranger Things. And truly, the only reason I even gave it a chance was because of it’s 1980’s feel.

I couldn’t get enough.

The clothes, the sayings, the marketing, the style.

I still can’t get enough.

I can hardly wait the few nights of sleep left before season 2 begins. In fact, Zed and I are going to watch the last 2 episodes of Season 1 tonight so that we are all prepped for the next season which starts on October, 27th.

Here is the trailer……


The show is scary, but it’s not scary. If you are a total baby, like I am, you can do this. You can watch this. You can do it. I believe in you. I got your back, homespice.  Let’s get our asses to the Upside Down.

SIDENOTE: If you are really into Stranger Things, they have a game available to play on Google Play and iTunes for FREE!

This post has been sponsored by Netflix Canada. I am part of their Stream Team and receive perks for sharing my favourite Netflix shows with you.