Her First Maplelea Doll…

My daughter feels everything big.  Sad is really sad. Mad is really really mad. Scared is really really really scared. Happy is really really really really happy.Look at this face. Look at her happy. She just got her very first Maplelea Doll.

Maplelea Doll

This photo makes me well up with tears.

It helps me forget about the big angry, the big mad and the big sad.

It’s a reminder to see the big happy.

Okay, I need to get my crap together, I can hardly see the screen, I am so full of tears. Whew. Get it together, lady.

I wonder where she gets her big emotions from.. hmmmm?


Maplelea Doll

Meet my daughter’s Happy. This is Taryn. This is her very first Maplelea Doll.  I chose Taryn because she has a lot in common with our daughter. She is from the Rocky Mountains, she loves to draw, she’s 10 and she struggles with math.  And yes, they are wearing matching shirts.

Can we get a collective “Awwwwwwww….”

Maplelea Doll

After opening Taryn and setting up her art set, my daughter was onto FaceTime to show her Nana and her Auntie her new Maplelea Doll, shirt and journal.  Taryn comes with a 64 page journal all about her, but also leaves room for my girl to fill in things about her too, which she has already started.

My daughter’s happy is so big that you could feel the happy spread to my Mom and my sister. They were smiling, too. We all were.

It was a reminder that even though my daughter struggles with her big feelings, she is still a little girl who wants to play, imagine and wear a matching shirt with her doll.

Oh damn it.

Here go the tears again.

I better tell you the great news before I turn into a puddle.


Are you ready?

Here goes…

WHO WANTS TO WIN THEIR VERY OWN MAPLELEA DOLL?! Yup, you can pick your very own Maplelea Girl or Maplelea Friend!

This contest is open to Canadians only and closes on November 1st, 2017.

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62 thoughts on “Her First Maplelea Doll…

  1. Mine was also a doll I got when I was 7. She stood and held her baby in her arms and when you wound her up she would rock the baby back and forth while tilting her head forward and back, opening and closing her eyes. I still have her and I’m 46.

  2. When I was 5 I got a FisherPrice play kitchen set for Christmas. My mom hung onto it and now my daughter (4) plays with it too <3

  3. Barbie made me happy. The new ones that actually bent their legs (I grew up in the 60s). Sure wish I had that old original bubble-cut hair one now! LOL.

  4. This will give away my age. One Christmas I got a plastic doll called Betsy Wetsy. She was all the rage since you could feed her a bottle, change her and her eyes opened and closed. My mom still has it and my grandchildren play with Betsy when they are visiting. My brothers took a pen to her face and her hair is pretty worn but they still like to dress her up in all the clothes my mom made for her which have lasted all these years. My dad also made her a wooden crib which they also play with. They think it is pretty fun to play with their grandma’s toys.

  5. My grandma gifted me handmade dolls that brought me much happiness and comfort. She made me a Raggedy Ann and a Holly Hobby. She really had a talent for sewing and poured a lot of love into my toys.

  6. the interaction we had with friends, kids are to into their electronics these days and don’t spend time with each other interacting

  7. What made me really happy as a child was give me some Crayola, I love to draw and colour. I also had a doll that walk and played with her everyday. Thank you, my granddaughter would love this doll so much, she’s into dolls!

  8. I would have loved one of these as a kid and I know my daughter would love one too! She’s 9 and also feels things really, really big 🙂

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