I Watch TV Like A Teenager…

Okay, I have to admit something. I love watching teenager shows.

You know like Pretty Little Liars and 13 Reasons Why.  It feels a little bit unhealthy to me.

Or maye the unhealthy part is the bag of ketchup chips and diet coke I consume while watching it…? Meh.

When I was a kid, as a family, we watched Disney, The Cosby Show, Family Ties and if I was allowed to stay up late Cheers and sometimes M.A.S.H. Once I reached the teen years, we never watched anything together as a family besides the news. I don’t remember my Mom ever wanting to watch Beverly Hills 90210 with me.

Nor, can I blame her.  I mean, it wasn’t really any good.

Collective gasp. Did I just insult 90210? Kind of, but not really, you see something has changed on t.v.

The shows aren’t just geared for teenagers anymore. They are also geared for us. The Mommy’s. I mean why else would I be drooling over Luke Perry in Riverdale? Come on now…

Riverdale — “Pilot” — Image Number: RVD101b_0376.jpg — Pictured (L-R): KJ Apa as Archie and Luke Perry as Fred — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.

The character development of the adult parents on these shows is so much better than Jim and Cindy Walsh. What the hell did they ever do? They were boring. Just how parents on t.v were supposed to be. I don’t really think my Mom would be jealous of Brandon and Brenda’s parents, do you? I mean maybe Kelly’s Mom, but that’s different.


Have you watched Atypical? This is a hell of a show. A. Hell. Of. A. Show. Jennifer Jason Leigh and Michael Rapport are equally as fantastic as the teenagers on the show. So good, guys. So good. Plus, some steamy sex scenes, too.

But come on now, it is not really fair that we have these super stylish, super sexy parents to have to compare ourselves too. It’s kind of a steaming load of bull crap.

So, be honest, do you have a secret Netflix teenage show that you are watching? And which parents (do you totally have the hots for) are you totally jealous of?

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7 thoughts on “I Watch TV Like A Teenager…

  1. I’ve heard great things about Atypical – I need to start watching it. We just finished watching Ozark. Netflix is my first go-to at night when the kids are asleep. I have to finish watching 13 reasons why and I’ve never seen pretty little liars – so that’s next on my list.

  2. Okay – you have just confirmed why a) I adore you b) you are my long lost twin, and c) why we need to hang out and be roomies at the next conference. I love ALL, I mean ALL OF THESE SHOWS! Obsessed actually. I just finished Atypical and LOVED it. And my heart hurt that Pretty Little Liars was over. I loved Nia Peeples on Pretty Little Liars btw. Netflix is seriously my favorite. Don’t know how I would survive without it. It’s my go-to thing to do after a long crazy day of adulting.

  3. I still remember my mom scoffing about 90210 back when I *had* to watch the new episodes, lol
    Took me ten years to figure out why she didn’t like the show.

    Totally epic that Luke Perry is in Riverdale though! I crushed him so hard in 90210, and apparently nothing has changed! Will have to see if I still have that heart pillow with his face on it around somewhere.

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