Fast Fashion For The Long Haul…

I am guilty of liking Fast Fashion.

You know, stuff that comes out in stores like H&M, Old Navy, Forever 21 and then disappears after a season or two.  I like it because it is affordable and because it comes in my size.


Being plus size can really cramp my damn style.

I cannot go to a store and pick out a quality, timeless piece of clothing for $200 and have it be something that works for me for years to come. That exists only for those that are a size 0-8.

It’s true.

Get off my back.

Every once and awhile, I do come across a piece of clothing that I want to keep for my entire life and that I picked up for under $40. When this happens, I treat this article better than my own children.

I wash it only after it has been worn at least 8 times. I never put it in the dryer. I take it off to eat. I wash it gently.

If I do get a stain on it, the first thing I do is cry and then tell myself that I am a stupid loser who doesn’t deserve nice things.

OxiClean Colour Shield Laundry Stain Remover was sent to the earth by magic aliens to change your life. It doesn’t fade your clothes and make you hate yourself even more for spilling red wine and spaghetti on your favourite cheap clothes.


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