Jason Bateman…

I have strong feelings about Jason Bateman.

All my feelings are for him. Big time.  I am alllllll for Jason Bateman. He’s just got this rude confidence about him that I cannot get enough of.

Are you watching Ozark on Netflix? It’s so good. But more on that later, first let’s Bateman…

Jason Bateman was first introduced to me via Teen Beat and Tiger Beat Magazine.  Why are those magazine names so similar? Hmmm.


I had this poster on my wall.

I didn’t know who he was until I figured out that he was Justine Batman’s little brother. I didn’t care much for her, just that she was Michael J. Fox’s sister Mallory on Family Ties. God, I loved Family Ties.

I have wonderful memories of watching Family Ties with my family. It was the only show that we all watched together besides Disney on Sunday’s.


Then I started watching The Hogan Family.

This is the show that may have started off my love of Hot Dad’s.

I loved this show,  it was mostly for the Dad. I was so confused by my attraction to him. I knew he was the Dad on the show, but I used to stare at him like I did his t.v show kids. It felt wrong. But, I liked it.

Don’t get me wrong, I still liked Jason, but his T.V Dad was so damn dreamy.

Speaking of Jason, did you watch Teen Wolf Too? That was stupid.


And then I just sort of lost him.

Yup. I lost a celebrity. You have to understand, the internet was obviously not around in my small town until I was in Grade 12, but the idea to google Jason Bateman never crossed my mind. I would just get super excited when I would see him in a supporting role in movies and t.v shows.

And then…

Sadly, I wasn’t into Arrested Development.

Now, before you kick the shit out of me, let me explain.  We didn’t get Fox. During that time, that is all it took to not get “into” a t.v show. It wasn’t as easy in 2003 as it was now to be able to watch whatever they hell you wanted at whatever time you wanted.  And finding Jason Bateman was no easy task.

Wow. This feels like a creepy book report. I think I am just going to stop before this gets any weirder.


I found him.



Are you watching Ozarks on Netflix? It is amazing. It is dark, funny and I can not get enough of it.  Laura Linney is damn fantastic. Here’s the rundown, basically Jason Batman is working for a Mexican drug cartel by cleaning their money. So taking all the money the drug dealers make and funnelling it through legitimate businesses. The family moves to the Ozarks where they are not the only people doing illegal things. Sounds good, eh.

So, my love of Jason Bateman continues.

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