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Our family recently had a great stay at Gallagher Lake Resort in Oliver, British Columbia. We love the Okanagan, but truly the main reason we wanted to stay at this Parksbridge Camping & RV Resort was because of their cabin rentals. Seriously, look at this thing…

I fully knew that this was weird enough to be epic for our family. I also hate tenting, so I wanted a step up from that, I also knew that we couldn’t afford to stay in a cabin on Lake Okanagan. This was the perfect fit for me and my weirdos.

The cabins have a double bed, a bunk bed, 2 built in tables, wall hooks, electricity, small porch with porch swing, picnic table, heater and we lucked out and had air conditioning in ours. They also have 2 windows, so lots of circulation. We had to pack our bedding and pretty much everything else we needed as if we were tenting, except no tent.

I loved the porch. It was great to dry towels, store items plus we had a ton of bonding opportunities with our kids. We played games, we laughed, we napped, it was well used. It also housed some well-needed shade in the afternoons. The Okanagan is hot, yo.


I chose cabin C1 because it was near the washrooms with showers, the amazing dish washer station (seriously, why weren’t these around when I was a kid, it was so nice to not have to boil hot water), the park (there are two) and mostly because it was right on the water.  I mean, this was our view while making pancakes….

No too shabby.

There are 8 cabins to choose from at Gallagher Lake Resort, but most people are in R.V’s as there are over 140 camping sites. .  The thing I find about camping is that your site is only as good as your neighbours behaviour. We lucked out. Everyone was quiet in the surrounding cabins and the people camping across from us were very respectful.

The cabins near the water don’t have a ton of privacy. It was a tad bothersome during the day, but not really a problem at night. If you would like more privacy I would suggest the C5, C6, C7 cabins, but they are not close to the lake like C1, C2. C3 and C4.

Also, because this is a private resort, people would claim their spot on the beach early in the morning by setting up their lawn chairs or leaving floaties and kayaks and then return around noon to spend the day on the beach.  The beach does get busy, but nothing to stress about. But, this was a new experience for me, I mean I have only ever seen this at an all inclusive in Mexico!


If you are a fan of the Okanagan, I would highly suggest staying here as part of your holiday. The location is superb and there is a ton to do in Oliver, I mean it is the Wine Capital of Canada, and only a 35 minute drive to Penticton.

Thank you to Parkbridge for hosting our family. We love Gallagher Lake, we love the Okanagan and we will be back. Sorry about that temper tantrum my kid through in your store when he wanted a sucker. 

8 thoughts on “Gallagher Lake Resort…

  1. We are Parkbridge fans. Currently staying in a yurt in with Sega Beach at a park bridge resort RV space as well they have many different options at many different price points that’s kind of one of the things I really like about them !

  2. This is amazing! So cute and the porch swing is such a sweet addition to the cabin.
    I can’t believe they have a dishwasher station. That is so smart!
    You are so right about the neighbours. It really helps when everyone is calm, cool, and collected. 😉
    Just one more thing. Beat the Parents! We *love it*. Did they kick your butts? (Did you know there is a Disney version? True story.)
    Now I want to go fall(ish) camping.

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