Dirty Hair, Dirty Room, Dirty Clothes…

I have the best giveaway ever for Back to School/College and it is all about having dirty hair, a dirty room, dirty clothes and getting dirty in the sheets.

I know, sorry about that last part, but I could NOT resist.

Ok. Let’s clean up the dirty a tad but starting with my favourite joke as a child.

“Want to hear a dirty joke?”

You do!?

“A white horse fell into a mud puddle.”


I’m here all week, people.

I love being a Church and Dwight Ambassador and of all the products I review for them these are my 4 favourites.  I love Batiste Dry Shampoo, like lovelovelove it, I use it almost every day. I also lurve the Oxi Clean 3 in 1 Power Packs. They are my go to for laundry- always. And, let’s talk birth control, I am not taking an oral contraceptive. Condoms is where it’s at in our house and we are all about the Trojan.

Now, I am super stoked to get to give you all my favourite things from Church and Dwight. I feel a bit like Oprah right now!

You have a chance to win this Back to School/College package valued at $75.

This giveaway is for Canadians Only and closes on September 30th, 2017.

Click on this link to enter…..

a Rafflecopter giveaway

As I have stated above, I am an ambassador for Church and Dwight Canada, that means that in exchange for sharing my favourite products with you I receive perks in the form of product and payment. For me, it is important to let you know that I get approached by lots of brands to talk about their products, I only work with ones that I actually enjoy. And damn I enjoy condoms and dry shampoo.