Dirt Devil Flipout Review and Giveaway…

Okay guys, when I dig a product, I dig it and when Zed digs a product he is absolutely adorable. We were given the Dirt Devil Flipout Lithium Powered Cordless Hand Vac to try out. Immediately, my husband knew that this was going to be HIS toy and not mine.

Alrighty then…

Do you think he likes it?


There a few things about this Hand Vac that we really like.

#1.  We love that you can charge it with just a small cord and not a base.

#2. It runs a long time. We didn’t time it, but it really kept its charge for quite awhile and kept its suction.

#3. The easy fold handle makes it easy to put away and takes up way less space than other hand vacs.

#4. We liked the quick flip crevice tool (works better on hardwood than upholstery) and the powered stair and upholstery tool, we weren’t big fans of the dusting tool. It worked, but it’s just not our thing. I prefer to dust with a cloth.

#5. It empties really easy. with just a click.

Now, since we dug it, we want you to have an opportunity to win your self a Dirt Devil Flip Out Hand Vac! Please note that this contest is only open to those living in Canada and closes on August 26, 2017. 

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We were given this product in exchange for our review. As always, we only share with you products that we dig and would recommend. 

84 thoughts on “Dirt Devil Flipout Review and Giveaway…

  1. Last time I cleaned out our vehicle was last August when we were heading out on vacation.. I had it super dooper cleaned professionally. I used a vacuum on it in the spring to get the rocks off the floors.

  2. uuugh. I really wish the question was ‘ how often do you say to yourself, shit, I gotta clean this car!’ Then my answer would be ‘daily!’. Sadly my car’s dust bunnies are now having dust babies.

  3. I cleaned my car about a month ago because I keep losing things and that requires a good clean to find. But I would love a cordless little vac

  4. I think the last time I cleaned it was right after school got out for summer break, mostly to ensure no food was left in there that came out of lockers. I usually leave the vehicle cleaning to my husband. He’s meticulous about keeping his clean and will eventually clean mine if I leave it long enough.

  5. I cleaned the garbage out about a month ago… but vacuuming and cleaning the windows ect has been a really really long time. pretty gross actually lol

  6. Typically my response would be “clean my vehicle? bahaha you’re funny!” but we went on two 10 hour road trips this summer and therefore cleaning it was a necessity. Twice. So my answer is last week.

  7. The last time I cleaned my vehicle was last week. I like cleaning it, but I have to drag my big vacuum outside, and that is a nuisance. This would be perfect!

  8. Omg we totally need this! We live in our van, summer we go camping and swimming lessons and in winter we are on the road about 5/6 times a week with hockey. The van get DIRTY!

  9. A full clean with proper vacuuming? It’s probably been just about a year! We often clean out the stuff from it and occasionally wipe the dash etc down but our shop vac has no attatchments for the hose so it doesn’t work super well in there.

  10. It has been a long time and the last time I picked my sister up she offered to clean it the next time she came to the house, its that bad, she does not like all the gravel on the floor that she will clean it for me

  11. Oh gosh, I’ve never ever cleaned the car! My husband is always the one who does it. He did it just before the summer started!

  12. uhmmm..it has been a long time!! This would be great!
    (p,s. there is nothing for the following on twitter on the rafflecopter form..it just says “Follow @ on twitter”
    I assumed the two entries meant to follow you and Dirt Devil?

  13. I am really bad at having a clean car but it’s tough with a new baby and a 3 year old. I did clean their toys out the other day when I moved around their car seats

  14. I actually cleaned it 2 weeks ago and found something I had lost years ago! Before that, it had been a LONG time before I cleaned it!

  15. Dear @mommysweird.com – last time I cleaned out my vehicle was probably last fall 2016 – WHY, cause in December I broke my ankle, spent 9 days in hospital & have a HomeHardware living in my ankle LOL. I definitely need to get to cleaning the van out cause who knows what grew there for over 9 months & counting.
    Thanks for this great giveaway

  16. I almost cant even remember…. tidied up and removed rotting food and large pieces or trash….. yeah, no, I cant remember the last time I VACCUMED IT>>!

  17. I do the old scoop every week! Truthfully- two kids, two car seats, endless crumbs! I went to pull the seats last week and decided it was going to be too gross lol I NEED this dirt devil!

  18. LOL.. I have never cleaned it since I purchased it 6 years ago (used.) I was looking for something and found a receipt from the previous owner from 2009 under the seat!.. lol

  19. It’s been a good 2 months since we cleaned it. The garbage gets removed most of the time but it hasn’t been vacuumed since the start of summer.

  20. I actually cleaned the car out in July. My son and his friend’s went to the beach and brought it back with them when they came home. There was too much sand on the floors for me to let it sit.

  21. First off, it’s “only” been 4 months since I cleaned the van. Before that…. There was a 16 month stretch.
    Second. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want this!! I’ve been wanting a handheld vacuum for a year now and DON’T MAKE ME PUT THIS ON MY CHRISTMAS LIST!!

  22. I can’t remember the last time I cleaned my car properly, although I think my SO did before our baby came in March. It is definitely needed!!

  23. I think it has been at least a year since we cleaned the inside of the car. It’s just so hard to get into all the crevices that I avoid it!!

  24. I RARELY clean our vehicle. My husband on the other hand… Thats his baby, he gets out the shop vac and armour all wipes almost every weekend. This little vac would be a lot more convenient then running and extension cord through the house and out the front door every Sunday!

  25. I didn’t last clean out my vehicle. My truck was so gross my husband had it cleaned while I was in Ontario visiting family with my kids. In fairness, I don’t make it gross. My kids do and it makes me crazy. I have one kid who likes to shred things on drives and I find the little picked apart pieces in the door cubbies and under the seat. A little treasure hunt for garbage left for me.

  26. The only time I clean my vehicle is when its absolutely necessary… Ahead of a long road trip, when my car has died and needs to go to the dump… That sort of thing.

    Maybe a dirt devil will fix that lack of desire to clean.

  27. Oh darn, I think it was in April before we went on a long driving trip. I need a vacuum to take out to the car.

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