Things I Click On…

I’m currently on our summer vacation but because of my job as a social media manager, I don’t ever get to be away from the online world.

Here are some of the things I have been reading….


Ottawa Failed Omar Khadar-

I am not sure where you sit on the Omar Khadar issue. For me, I sit on the fence but with a hard lean to understanding the need for some compensation. One of my friends posted this article on Facebook.

Kelly Ripa’s Instagram 

Kelly Ripa recently went on vacation in my beautiful province of British Columbia. Her gushing, her photos her use of the word Fanada makes me giggle.

Canada’s Wonderland

I haven’t been since I was in Grade 9 and got very lost and had to ask a stranger for a ride to my host families home in Richmond Hill. I am still scared. But, I got hover it. We had the best time eeeevvvvver!

Universtiy of Rochester Football Player Kidnapped and Tortured

My friend Jim posts the best sports reports on his Facbook page. This was heartbreaking and fascinating. And at times very difficult to read.

Banff Visitors and Grizzly Bears

GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS PEOPLE? This is making me crazy. Do not approach wild life. Ever. Ever, ever, ever. EVER. It is not safe. This makes me twitchy.

Things to do in Drumheller

I have always wanted to go to the Dinosaur Museum in Drumheller, I finally think the kids are old enough for them to want to spend some time learning and exploring.

Emma Stone and Women’s Pay in Hollywood

This also makes me twitchy. Yes, I love that the men have taken pay cuts, so that she will receive equal pay. Of course, I like that. I hate that it happens. And I do like her line that men have to “buy in” in order for this to continue to happen. But, on the same note, I feel like the men who took the pay cuts, shouldn’t be put on a pedestal for doing the right thing.

So that’s what I have been looking at for the last 24 hours on line during my down time on vacation. If you do read any of these articles, let me know and we can discuss virtually over coffee.