The Mom Sneak…

I sneak a lot of things since becoming a Mom.

Sometimes, I sneak food that I don’t want to share.

Okay, it is pretty much always food that I don’t want to share. I do this a lot. Sometimes it is a handful of chips, other days it’s a handful of chocolate chips, often it’s an ice cream sandwich.

I get that not all of you have an unhealthy relationship with food like I do, so you probably sneak booze or Netflix. (wait, let me add a passive aggressive smiley face so that you think I am joking.)


Whew. I feel better about that booze comment.

But, I do understand the Netflix sneak. I watch Netflix every day while I am working. I feel less alone when I have a romantic comedy playing in the background. It is my water cooler. So I am part of the 22% of Mom’s who watch Netflix while working from home.

Netflix has been taking the #MomSneak to a whole new level. They have even come out with suggestions of how you can sneak it into your day.  For me, it is not about sneaking my show’s as it is how I work it into my day by multitasking. I multitask like a MOFO. I’m very guilty of taking an extra long boom boom break and slipping in some screen time in the loo.

There. I said it. Deal.


So what are you watching on Netflix?

We (I saw “we” because currently I am not cheating on my husband and we are watching our shows together, but I am thinking about starting Pretty Little Liars without him) are watching Shameless, Orange is the New Black and Unbreakable Life of Kimmy Schmidt.

Next on our list is the latest season of Suits.

And I am DYING to watch Friends From College. Look at the cast. I mean, seriously. I AM SO EXCITED. I also love the name. Squeeeee. Super squeeeeeeeeee! If you click that link you can watch the preview, which looks horribly wonderfully watchable.

I get perks from Netflix in exchange for sharing my favourite things about Netflix with you each month.