Easy Slime Recipe…

Our family is a little late in the homemade Slime Game. Rumours were that in May you couldn’t even find white glue in our town because of all the Middle School kids buying it in backpack full quantities to fill their slime addiction. We have now made Slime twice using this easy slime recipe.

Easy Slime Recipe

Easy Slime Recipe

2. 5 cups or 20 ounces of White Glue

2 teaspoons Baking Soda

2. 5 cups or 20 ounces of Shaving Cream

2 longish squirts of Contact solution

Add a few drops of food colouring

Mix with your hands.

Still sticky?

Add more Contact Solution.

This made enough for 4 kids and my husband sent some easy slime home with the neighbourhood kids in ziploc bags. Word on the street is that my son got some stuck in his hair at the neighbours house and that the kids then got it out using peanut butter while their Mom was in the shower.  I did not witness any of this, I only heard it 4th hand, so if it does get stuck in your kids hair, Peanut Butter totally did the trick.

It’s all slime all the time at our house. The entire slime game is getting a little bit tiresome. It is slime videos on youtube, slime books, slime kits… slime, slime, slime, slime, slime.


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