Down There….

I am an ambassador for Church and Dwight, so you know I absolutely squealed at the opportunity to talk about my “down there”! (that is the polite way to talk about my hooo-ha)  I pride myself in the fact that brands want to work with me because I talk about sex, maxi pads, breasts, poop and my vagina.

To be honest, I really don’t talk about my vagina enough.

Mostly, because I have been ignoring my poor hoo-ha.

And she is fed up and she is retaliating.

Yes, my vagina is retaliating.

It is yeast infection season, ya’ll!

Was that too far?

But, isn’t that why you are here at Mommy’s Weird anyways?! To talk about vagina health, vagina odor and yeast infections with some advice from RepHresh….

  1. Remember to dry off: Relaxing in a hot tub is the perfect way to enjoy a warm, summer evening. However, yeast grows best in a moist environment, making hot tubs a breeding ground for unwanted infections. This means it’s important to dry off well afterwards and change into dry clothes right away. Use this same approach when spending the day at the beach or pool.
  2. Know your pH: Many vaginal health issues, including odour, itchiness and yeast infections stem from an unbalanced pH. RepHresh™ Gel is a gynecologist recommended product and clinically proven to be pH balanced which can help to eliminate feminine odour and relieve feminine discomfort.
  3. Wear cotton undies: Unfortunately, your tight skinny jeans may not be the best option this summer. Warm, tight clothing allows for little oxygen movement making the perfect breeding ground for yeast. If you must rock the skinnies, wear cotton underwear.
  4. Take healthy measures: RepHresh™ Pro-B reduces the number of urogenital pathogenic bacteria and yeast on vaginal surfaces. It’s clinically tested and works by balancing the yeast and bacteria that are naturally present in a woman’s body to help restore and maintain proper vaginal flora. Try adding one capsule to your daily routine to keep your body on track and ensure nothing slows you down this summer! I hope you and your vagina have a lovely summer.

I am an ambassador for Church and Dwight and receive perks in exchange for telling you about their products.