My Summer Fling…

It’s been many years now and I have not fallen out of love with Netflix. In fact, Netflix just did something major that has pushed our relationship to the next level.


Watch this…

Sort of a game changer, right?!

This is just as awesome as being able to download Netflix onto your devices for when you are not somewhere with decent wifi, like the plane, car and camping.


So far you can have an Interactive Storytelling experience with your family with The Adventures of Puss and Boots   and Buddy Thunderstruck.  It reminds me of those Choose Your Own Adventure Books, but you get to do this all together as a family.


I am honoured to be part of the Netflix Stream Team and love sharing with you what our family is watching each month. We just finished the most recent season of House of Cards, my husband watched Dead Pool last week and I just finished Dear White People (YOU MUST WATCH THIS SERIES).