My Sister’s Hairdresser…

Listen, don’t get me wrong, she was a very nice person and a really good stylist. But, I wasn’t ready to hear what I heard. It was hard to hear a stranger talk about my sister so fondly.  It was weird.


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14 thoughts on “My Sister’s Hairdresser…

  1. Hmm.
    I find this really interesting.
    I think I understand, but for me I always feel more protective about other people’s stories, so talking to someone who is (or is acting) very familiar gets a wee bit of skeptical side eye from me, I’m afraid. 🙂 Does that make sense?

    1. Totally makes sense, accept, they DO have a relationship. It’s her hairdresser. And she wasn’t telling tales out of school, she just “knew” stuff that a friend, co worker, colleague or hairdresser would know. It was weird. MY SISTER IS A PERSON?! It’s like when I found out my Mom had a boyfriend before my Dad… say wha?

  2. I had similar when I moved back home and my sis’s neighbours were talking about her like they were all chummy. I just kept thinking “I do not like you” LOL “You do not know my sis better than I do” LOL They were fine and it is hard to describe, but maybe I was a bit jealous

  3. Yes, your sister is a person, and a friend and ex-coworker of mine. Oh, and did I mention she took her Masters with my Niece? Miss you, Kerri-Lynne.

  4. Hahahahaha! I am the same when it comes to my sister. She’s mine all mine lol. No one knows her better. Your hair looks amazing in that picture btw!

  5. My sisters and I are all nurses who worked at the same hospital, but in different units, for years. So, I know exactly what you mean and it can feel a bit strange and weird!

  6. OH hairdressers are so, um, interesting….My Mom had one for 20 plus years and they knew everything about each other. I think it would have been weird to get my hair cut by her because she probably griped and talked about me when I was a little hell raiser as a teenager.

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