Bed in a Box…

I have been hearing a bit about ordering a bed in a box online. I have to be honest, that I was a bit skeptical about the entire thing. I mean, it’s a bed that you order online and it arrives in a box. That’s weird.

Obviously, I was in.

I want to give you the full experience of what it is like to order a Bed in a Box. First,  I was contacted to try The Douglas by NOVOSBED to experience their product first hand.  Ironically, we were looking to buy Bot a new mattress as he no longer has “accidents” and it was time to get rid of the ol’ foamy that he was using on top of his box spring.

So, a box arrived….

And inside it looked like this….

Wait.. is that the bed?

It was heavy to pull out of the box but then you unrolled it…

Once you had the packing plastic off, there was another wrap of plastic that you had to take off. At this point, we were able to hear and watch the Douglas by Novosbed actually grow.

I put my foot up beside it to give you an idea of how thick the mattress is. I have a size 9 1/2 foot. This mattress is waaaaaay thicker than I thought it was going to be. I mean, it came in a box!?

This bed is memory foam but truly boasts its Canadian roots, as the most Canadian mattress every sold. It is designed in Canada, made in Canada and only in Canada and is eco-friendly.  They also have a bunch or really fun Canadian stats on their website that only a true Canuck would know!

But, let’s talk more about the mattress. Bot, loves it, but he is 6, so can we really trust his thoughts on a new mattress? Zed and I each snuggle with him every night for stories and songs and we both found it very comfortable, but neither of us has spent a full night on it, I am sure that will happen soon enough, but I don’t want to jinx it.

After posting some photos of us unpacking the bed on social media, I was contacted by a friend who had been looking online to purchase this exact mattress, I told her to come on over and try it for herself.

After lying on Bot’s bed and getting a good feel for it, she headed home and contacted Douglas by Novosbed about their 120 Night trial. I mean, really, how the heck do you return a bed in a box? She said that they told her that they will arrange for a mover to come and pick it up. Which I think is totally awesome. Because lugging a bed to the post office is NOT something anyone is going to want to do. Not ever.

If you are a memory foam lover, you are going to like this bed and its price point. Personally, I am having full on regret that we didn’t review the queen sized mattress.

As always, I will let you know if I received a product in exchange for sharing our experience. This was the case with this mattress.