Road Trips…

We survived our very first family road trip to Vancouver.

Even though we live in British Columbia it took us 11 hours to drive from our side of the province to the big city. It was long. It was exhausting and at times it was pretty stressful.

It was stressful because from where we live we had to drive through a few Mountain Passes. And they were snowy, slippery and slushy. Zed did most of the driving but I was tense as heck. I knew we would hit some snow, but I was not expecting to see jack-knifed semi trucks and trailers.

The kids?

Not so tense.

For the most part, they were cool as little cucumbers watching their movies. But, GRAVOL Kids™ Dye Free Quick Dissolve Chewables  did come in handy for all the curves and turns on Highway 3 that upset little tummies.  And I was very happy that I packed RUB A535™ Anti-Inflammatory Cream with Arnica because my neck was killing me.

Now that our health was taken care of, we could focus on spending time together as a family exploring new places like Capilano Suspension Bridge, Fly Over Canada and the Vancouver Aquarium.



We do a lot together as a family. But, this was different. More soon….

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