Sirius XMRadio…

I have never had the urge to listen to Sirius XM Radio.

I never wanted one. I never wanted to listen to one.

You see, I am a nonpracticing Radio Dj. That means, I used to be a Radio DJ and would probably give up my liver to be on air in a major market. So, I am pretty damn loyal to the tower.

I remember being on location at an electronics store and my booth was right in front of all the Sirius Radio thingies.  People were very interested in them. I considered it a fad. Sirius Radio can’t tell you the weather, or if the roads are closed or what your city council just voted on. It was strictly for entertainment purposes. And some people were buying them. They weren’t cheap.

Now, at the time everyone on earth did not have an iPhone.  So local radio did okay, even with those who had a Sirius XM Radio, because they were almost forced to have to tune into their local station at the top of the hour if they wanted local news.

Which was good for me, as a DJ and as someone who dabbled in radio advertising.

I still love local radio.

I will always love local radio.

I will always click search on my FM dial looking for local stations to hear the on air talent.

But, we just bought a new van.

And it comes with free Sirius XM for a year.

It is the best.

I have never loved anything as much as 90’s on 9, Hair Nation, Howard Stern, The Pulse, Tom Petty Radio, Sirius XMFLY, and The Groove.

We get it free for a year with our new van.

I am going to miss driving around eating chips with the volume cranked in my mini van.

I can already feel a temper tantrum coming on in 345 days.

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