5 Ways To Spice Up Your Marriage….

Valentine’s Day is over. Apparently, I think I am an expert on marriage. Insert huge eye roll. Here are 5 Ways To Spice Up Your Marriage!

Including suggestions like “NO DATE NIGHTS!”and “Keep Sex About Sex”!



To Spice Up Your Marriage, I’m giving away a selection of must-have products, including:

  • Trojan™ Groove™ Condoms: to keep you satisfied and help you experience maximum pleasure.
  • Nair™ WAX READY-STRIPS for Bikini & Underarm with Nourishing Coconut Milk Oil: no warming or rubbing required, just peel and place! The new medium size strip is perfect for the bikini area.
  • OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover: to prep for the big night and ensure your bedding is clean and crisp.
  • Batiste™ Dry Shampoo Original: Hot date but not enough time to wash your hair? Batiste Dry Shampoo helps to eliminate excess oil, instantly refreshing your hair!
  • RUB™ A535 Anti-Inflammatory: providing targeted pain relief, this product will reduce muscle aches and ensure you are feeling your best for a special Valentine’s Day celebration.
  • Vitafusion Men’s and Women’s Multivitamins: are specially formulated for him and her to help maintain good health.  These gummy vitamins are a fusion of essential vitamins, minerals and naturally sourced fruit flavours.



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30 thoughts on “5 Ways To Spice Up Your Marriage….

  1. I usually add a bit of cayenne and paprika….oh you mean the other kind of spice? I honestly can’t think of a single tip. My poor husband will vouch that I’m out of ideas!

  2. I think it is important to laugh a lot and not to take life too seriously. Nothing more romantic than being able to laugh together. It has forked for the last 36 years for us.

  3. Well we’ve been together forever. Sex when we were young was like everyday, even twice and who even cared if I was on my period! Now we’re old and both on meds so there’s a lot of gas in our lives (LOL) plus we are more content and our sex drives are way lower, so honestly, once a month can be normal for us. (I’m in my 50’s, had both ovaries removed in the summer, and I think we’ve been married since 91, but together since 87) EVERY marriage has its ups and downs.

  4. Make time for each other and remember to be intimate with each other. It is hard to stop being employees and parents for awhile in the evening, and just be a couple.

  5. We like to spice up our marriage by going on a kid-free vacation every couple of years. It really helps to give us “couple time” and we have so much fun reconnecting. We are lucky that we can leave the kids with my parents, and although 2 years might seem like a long time between, it’s really not – it gives us a big re-charge that lasts a long time!

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