January Netflix Picks…

Have you watched OA? It is by far my largest suggestion for your January Netflix Picks.


What. A. Show.  Now, you might find it frustrating.

But, I want to tell you something. After watching the first episode I searched online for more information about the show. I found an interview with the creators, who are also the writers and actors, in the interview, they said that one of their inspirations was the pressures on teenage boys in society.  So keep that in mind when you watch the show. It might help it make more sense in the long run.

It is sort of fantasy, but a thriller, in a drama with some sci-fi…..



Remember when you had to go to Blockbuster and rent videos?

Well that is how first started watching Weeds. And then we never finished it. We just finished the 2nd last season and are starting the last season this weekend. I love Andy Botwin. He is just my most favourite person. I still want to kill Nancy and how she drinks out of a straw. UGHHHHHHHH.



The other show that I absolutely adore that is currently on Netflix is Life in Pieces. Please watch this show. Please, please, please. Trust me. It is 4 mini episodes all wrapped into one episode. Does that make sense? Like vignettes, ya know?


My kids are watching Adventures with Tip & Oh.

They love this better than the movie that Tip and Oh are from, Home. The second season will be available in a few hours.

Hope you like my suggestions for January. As you know I am part of the Netflix Stream Team and receive perks to share our binge watching efforts with you. p.s House of Cards comes out on March 4, 2017!!!!!