Canucks Rock New Year Giveaway…

Squeeeeeeee! I love doing this. I love giving you the opportunity to win $550 CDN! Let me explain….

Mommy’s Weird is a small blog, I know, shocking. Should I give you a moment to regroup?

See, just because I am huge in my own head and pant size, does not mean that I am a website/blog that gets 100,000 views a month. So, when I was asked to team up with a bunch of Canadian bloggers to do a giveaway for our Canadian readers, I jumped at the chance.

Besides telling you all constantly that I appreciate you reading Mommy’s Weird, I am unsure of how to thank you. And all I want to do all day is thank you.


Thank you.

And Good Luck. Please note, this contest runs until January 31, 2017 and is only open to Canadians.