Clean Up Christmas Give Away…

Now you all know how I feel about Christmas.

I like it, I really do. But, I do too much because I don’t really have another choice. I want to create memories for my kids that are awesome and in that process, I feel like Christmas Sucks For Mom.

So, now that Christmas is over, the after Christmas clean up has started.  This also sucks.

Let me show you….

Exhibit 1

My parents brought their dog. It was gross. Real gross.


Exhibit 2

At Christmas dinner, my daughter spilled some jello fruit salad on her new shirt that she got for Christmas from our relatives in Ontario.


Exhibit 3

The dishwasher has been going non stop since December 23rd.

Sidenote: Our dishwasher broke down on December 9th and we had it replaced on December 19th. It was the worst 10 days of my life. I consider it a Christmas miracle that we were able to purchase a new dishwasher, have it delivered and plumbed in before the holiday rush.

I seriously wish I was making some of this stuff up.

I am not.

My relatives are staying until the New Year, so I cannot even imagine what else I am going to have to clean up using Oxi Clean.

Which brings me to this…

If this is happening to me, I know it is happening to you too.

Who wants to win this Clean Up Christmas Give Away filled with great Oxi Clean products from Church & Dwight? This give away is open until January 9/17 and Open to Canadians only.

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I am an ambassador for Church & Dwight Canada.  I receive perks for sharing my love of their products with the readers of Mommy’s Weird.

67 thoughts on “Clean Up Christmas Give Away…

  1. I had to deal with the Xmas tree falling over and spilling sugar water all over the floors. I had towels upon towels soaking up the water – with tree sap!

  2. I lost count of how many times I had to run my dishwasher, and during Boxing Day cleanup I found that my son had hid a banana peel under the livingroom rug. Eww!

  3. the kitchen was the worst,just lots of food and ingredients everywhere and someone fed the cats bits on the floor not in a bowl!….well maybe the bathroom was messy also!

  4. This year was a bit unusual in that we didn’t hold Christmas for either of our sides so things didn’t get too messy. But my kitchen was somewhat of a disaster while I was preparing food to take to others places.

  5. My 12 year old woke up sick on Christmas morning and is still not feeling well so I’ve been dealing with puke buckets and lots of dirty sheets and blankets

  6. We spent Christmas dinner at a local hall surrounded by 200 people that we didn’t know (when we walked in!) and helped clean up afterwards. Sure would have been nice to have this prize pack!

    Besos Sarah

  7. The mess of ALL the dishes and food to put away after the family turkey dinner was over.,,,and I don`t have a dishwasher!!!

  8. After doing all the baking and all the cooking, I also had to do all the cleaning. There was also some cat vomit on the stairs that the cats left me (I guess they felt bad that they didn’t buy me anything so they made due with what they had).

  9. Ummm…yes I had quite a bad mess to clean up.My little grandson got the flu over the holidays and he tossed up his dinner.I was so grateful that it broke his fever and that the mess was on a leather couch .These are awesome products!! 🙂

  10. Opening my childs Christmas boxes.. I swear the companies enjoy my hassle with opening toys. shopkins toy took me a half an hour.

  11. Happy New Year!! This holiday season I was lucky and only had to deal with the day to day messes of my pawed friends!!>

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