Clean Up Christmas Give Away…

Now you all know how I feel about Christmas.

I like it, I really do. But, I do too much because I don’t really have another choice. I want to create memories for my kids that are awesome and in that process, I feel like Christmas Sucks For Mom.

So, now that Christmas is over, the after Christmas clean up has started.  This also sucks.

Let me show you….

Exhibit 1

My parents brought their dog. It was gross. Real gross.


Exhibit 2

At Christmas dinner, my daughter spilled some jello fruit salad on her new shirt that she got for Christmas from our relatives in Ontario.


Exhibit 3

The dishwasher has been going non stop since December 23rd.

Sidenote: Our dishwasher broke down on December 9th and we had it replaced on December 19th. It was the worst 10 days of my life. I consider it a Christmas miracle that we were able to purchase a new dishwasher, have it delivered and plumbed in before the holiday rush.

I seriously wish I was making some of this stuff up.

I am not.

My relatives are staying until the New Year, so I cannot even imagine what else I am going to have to clean up using Oxi Clean.

Which brings me to this…

If this is happening to me, I know it is happening to you too.

Who wants to win this Clean Up Christmas Give Away filled with great Oxi Clean products from Church & Dwight? This give away is open until January 9/17 and Open to Canadians only.

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I am an ambassador for Church & Dwight Canada.  I receive perks for sharing my love of their products with the readers of Mommy’s Weird.