Are You Hiding Behind Your Computer?

A friend/acquaintance just said this to me- “It was nice hanging out with you and getting to know you better because I feel like we don’t do that enough and I really like you. You are funny! I just feel like you would rather be behind your computer than doing stuff.”

I laughed when she said it, but it wasn’t a “ha ha” kind of laugh.

It was an uncomfortable laugh.

I felt a bit embarrassed. I felt a bit insulted. I felt a bit misunderstood.

Is this the kind of persona that I am giving off?

That I would rather stay home on a Saturday night and  text, tweet, Instagram, YouTube and chat on Facebook then go out and hang out with real life people?

I guess I laughed because of course I would rather hang out with real people then hide behind my computer screen.

Then I realized that wait — this person doesn’t really know me.

And why doesn’t she know me?

Is this on me?

Have I really been hanging out behind this computer screen?

Wait a minute.

Wait a darn minute.

Now I am confused.

Let this be heard.  I would rather hang out with real life people then hang out with my computer. But, there are some times in my life where I would rather lie on my couch wearing my fuzzy pajamas and text, tweet, Instagram, YouTube and chat on Facebook then go out and have a glass of wine with real life people.

So, I guess we are both correct.

Now I want to throw the ball in her court

You ready?

I really don’t remember her calling me with a ton of invites to hang out.  So her point is actually a little bit — pointless.

And now I want to counter that thought with this one…

I don’t call her either.

Want to know why?

Now this is where the other side of social media comes into the conversation.


Dinners out with her girlfriends. Selfies of her running. Photos of amazing food. Big beautiful lovely smiles.

Does her life really have room for me?

So here it is.

Are you ready for it?

I want to hang out with you in real life.

I want to be in a selfie with you.

And I want to share the fuck out of it later that night while I am on my couch in my fuzzy pajamas and hiding behind my computer.

hiding behind your computer