My Obsession with I Mom So Hard…

Every decade or so I become obsessed with something so badly it consumes me in my dreams. It happened when I was 21 with Real World Seattle. I was living near San Francisco, working as a nanny for a family that hated me. I was lonely. My social life was dictated by a 3 year old girl who used to tell me to “Go back to Canada.” During that time I would spend hours watching Real World Seattle Marathons on MTV and then at night I would actually dream about Nathan, David, Lindsay and Stephen slapping Irene.

They became my friends. I needed them.

I loved the show so much that almost a decade later I made Zed take me to Seattle to the same pier they lived at so I could take a photo with it. Sadly, I cannot find that damn photo anywhere. But, I am pretty sure I have told you all this story before because it was just that important.

Even with my love of all things 1998 Real World Seattle, I won’t be watching this new season of Real World Seattle.

I mean, first of all, I am nearing 40. I. Just. Cannot. I just can’t. I have tried. I can’t. I just cannot do it.


You know what I can do?


I Mom So Hard.

I adore these women so much. I tell everyone to watch their videos. I tell everyone everything I know about them. Sometimes I make up things that I think I know about them.

“So, they are both actresses and you can google them and watch their old commercials. Like,  Best Buy and stuff. And they haven’t been doing this very long. There are hardly ANY videos on their website or on YouTube and they totally have no idea what they are doing on social media. It is almost irritating because they are so good.Like, so so sooooo good. But, you can tell that someone else has picked up on their greatness because they are doing live shows and videos for other websites and stuff. They are becoming super big. But, I miss them, you know. Like, I felt they were my friends on their videos. I think they should just screw everything else and just become huge Youtube stars and get Youtube rich, ya know? But, I am pretty sure they are probably writing and staring in a sitcom because their videos are far and few between.”


That is how I talk about them.

Here. Watch them and you will get it.



They have a way of making you feel like you are hanging out with your best friend. They laugh at themselves. They are funny. They are inappropriate. They are wonderfully entertaining.

And yes I have sent them messages via Facebook.

And yes they have ignored me.

Obviously, they don’t know about what happens when I set my mind to something. Ahem, Jillian Michaels, cough, cough.

Meme 6

I kid.

Kind of.